Monday, February 24, 2014

Archangel Michael 24th Feb. 2014

Monday Meditation 24th February, 2014     Archangel Michael - Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The Earth beneath your feet is changing, you feel it more and more each day. Mother Earth (Gaia) is shifting and changing daily - you feel it in your bodies, as that which you call Ascension Symptoms. Mostly you feel it in your hearts - your beautiful hearts are changing, do you not feel it? You have a new sense of “knowing” it is heart-felt. The newness you are feeling within your Sacred Hearts will release unto you information and awareness that has been hidden from you for eons. It has been hidden in the most sacred of spaces until you were once again ready to know the TRUTH of who you truly are.

You are maturing Dear Angels and the time has come for you to know yourselves more fully. The fullness of your souls is being brought into your awareness each day. You feel the Spiritual Confidence of what is before you. Much clearing and changing has taken place in the many layers that make up your energetic fields. Yes, many diffculties have had to surface for you to clear, before you could experience this unique time.

It has not been an easy time for most of you, depending how much awareness you have been willing to look at and then release, you are brave Souls.

Releasing has been a huge part of this journey Dear Ones. Most of you have felt the releasing on an almost daily basis. Is there more to do? Yes. This releasing will go on for some time. Each of you does what you can in the amount that is sustainable to your particularly energy field. Your bodies have felt the stress and tension which has appeared as anger, resentment, unforgiveness etc. All these feeling have been stored in your bodies for many lifetimes and now it is time to let go to allow more of the Light Body to come forward.

You are your Light Body perfecting itself. You have felt the changes, many of you have tried  to hold on desperately to what you were, and what you had, but we tell you Dear ones - TRUST.

TRUST that all you need, and all you are, will be revealled in the fulness of time and we tell you - you will be amazed and astonished at your transformation. We have made reference in the past to the Caterpiller becoming the Butterfly but this analogy is the closest we can give you for what is happening to you.

It is always our delight and intention to assist you at each phase of this transformation. We see you struggle as you try to evolve from your old skin, the writhing and squirming is quite beautiful to watch. And just like the butterfly emerging we cannot do it for you. But we wish for you  to understand when you fully emerge from the Chrysalis we will be the ones cheering you on as we watch you fly, testing those beautiful wings and experiencing all the colours that you are.

Your unique signature is about to be released on Planet Earth - it is a signature like no other and you will soar to heights never yet seen.

Wondorous times ahead Dear Souls - it is our greatest pleasure and delight as we assist you on this journey of Transformation and Emergence. It has taken eons of time but here you are Dear Ones ready to soar on this New Earth as the Greatest of Angels that have ever been.

Welcome home Dear Ones, Welcome HOME.


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