Sunday, July 20, 2014

21st July 2014


Dear Ones

Blessings and Gratitude for what was achieved yesterday. Through the activations and attunements each of you willingly participated in, much was achieved. Another small victory for the Light. Each of you through your willingness to assist humanity, are bringing in more Light to Planet Earth and holding hands with those who are just waking up. As you all move up the Spiral of Evolution what ONE does affects MANY.  You are the Light and the Light is You and more LIGHT is becoming available within you and through you, each and every day.

Well Done beautiful Be-ings, well done.

As I mentioned through these next days, weeks and months, much will transpire within you. You have opened to a new way of Being and that will be reflected both within and around you. Many of the tools that were given to you are to assist in your acceleration of coming into your Higher Consciousness. Please call on those tools and us in the Angelic Realms, for as we promised we are at your service to assist you as you take each evolutionary step closer to who you truly came to be.

The “gifts” you brought to Planet Earth are being unravelled every day and as you use the information and the tools you gained you will notice how far you have come in such a short space of time. Time is truly speeding up for you - a most exciting time to be “WHO YOU CAME TO BE.”

As you know the Elemental Kingdom has also stepped forward to offer you assistance and LOVE as you make the necessary transitions. All is at your fingertips right now. A time of Magic and Miracles on Planet Earth.

It is with Great Love that we shared our energies together and the blending that took place will stay with you.

Once again we thank you and honour you for standing in your Light and taking your Power to be the Beacons for those still finding their way out of the darkness.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings


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