Monday, July 7, 2014

7th July 2014 7/7/7

Monday Meditation 7th July, 2014           Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

It is with great JOY I greet you this day, for JOY is an element slowly taking over your Planet. More and more of you are connecting to the vibration of JOY therefore you are anchoring it into the Planet.

From the Higher Aspect that I have advantage, I see the radiance of the many, aligning with greater choice and acceptance of these changes now rolling out rapidly on Planet Earth. It is a JOY for us in the Higher Realms to see what you are creating on your Planet. Many are watching what unfolds on the Planet of Free Choice with great interest and pleasure as what you are unfolding is moving rapidly into the new alignment.

The dark energies are very quickly exiting the Planet as more of your Creator Light enters. The more Light you bring into your beautiful bodies the faster the Earth changes for the betterment of all. All you wish to create, all you wish to be, is set out before you and each step you take brings it closer each and every day.

We watch in awe and delight as we see the manifestaions taking place daily. As you gather in groups to show love and support of each other, it is witnessed around the world giving power and momentum to others to take up the challenges that befall humanity at this time. You are witnessing global changes that have never before been so relevant and so uplifting. One action starts a re-action on the other side of your spinning globe and the Oneness we have spoken of then becomes reality.

You KNOW you are all connected, you KNOW you are all ONE on many levels of your Be-ing and that last bastion of awareness has now entered your focus and you are the ones embracing your brother’s and sister’s all over the Planet. This is truly a JOYOUS time for Planet Earth.

So many of the elements are joining together with you to assist in this transition, your awareness of other beings including the Elementals is now so much more in your observation. Many of the stories you heard as children regarding the Elemental Kingdom are now being presented to you as fact!! The Elementals have once again stepped forward choosing to assist humanity in the monumental task of changing the Consciousness of Planet Earth. These times were always going to be “interesting” and are you not finding that to be true? EVERYTHING is connected, if you can think about it, you can bring it forth. When you add the element of LOVE to all that you do, all that you believe, so much more will be made available to you.

How exciting are these times Dear Ones? You are re-discovering aspects of your life that you never believed you would see in this lifetime - you had forgotten what you came for and what would evolve. The clouds are parting Dear Ones, all will be revealled in the fulness of time and that time is NOW

It is with great Love and Admiration for each of you as the unique roll you play in the change of Consciousness of Planet Earth unfolds.

Congratulations it’s a new day and a new game.

We are in JOY playing with you everyday.

Blessings Dear Ones


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