Monday, October 20, 2014

Archangel Michael 20th October 2014

MONDAY MEDITATION                                                                   20th October, 2014          ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                              Leslie-Anne Menzies     

Greeting Dear Ones,

Time is indeed forging ahead as you move rapidly towards the end of yet another year - how fast it has travelled since the beginning of this year 2014. As it continues to accelerate, I ask you to slow down. Slow down, take a breath, slow your breathing, become conscious of your breath for a moment. Breathe, relax, take a deep conscious breath. How are you feeling? Relaxed, excited, hurried, frazzled. Relax again, breath slowly again. Remember the breathe.

You have so many tools available to assist you on this transformative journey you have chosen and the breath is just one. Take your time, take a breath, relax, breathe deeply - how often do you remember to do this? Through the gift of your breath you can change the outcome of many of your situations.

Slowing down your breathing allows the body to relax giving the opportunity to make more conscious decisions without the urgency of the rapid rate breathing which often comes when you make hurried, unthoughtful decisions. Remember Dear Ones it was the breath that brought you into this lifetime and it is your last breath that allows you to journey home. Do you now remember how important it is?  The breath allows you to relax and In-Joy life without all the rushing. Your body will thank you in so many ways when you take those extra seconds/minutes to relax, let-go, ALLOW. Ahhhh doesn’t that feel better?

Dear Ones, we also remind you of how much assistance you have available to you. Within the Angelic Realms, the Master Realms, the Lords of Light and so many more Beings and Guides are available to assist you in all areas of your life. We are now closer than ever to you and we wish for you to call on us and invite us into any situation you require assistance. We offer great Wisdom and Knowledge and are readily available.

Some of you still feel “so alone” but that is not how it is - the Veil between our world and yours has thinned and we are always with you - we ask that you please call on us often.

It is our greatest desire to assist you all at this Evolutionary time on Planet Earth - this is the AGREEMENT we had when you chose to come to this Planet at this transitionary time. It was clear from the onset your time on Earth would be one of the most difficult, challenging times ever experienced by humanity. You were counselled and prepared with our assistance, knowing full well we would stand right beside you, to be called upon when needed. You were given full in-sight into what was before you - you knew this was a most treasured assignment - growth and learning for your Soul like no other time.

And now here you stand before us with your life playing out EXACTLY as you chose, learning the lessons your “picked” from the Curriculum. Remembering you had FREE WILL and that we could not intervene unless called on by you. You KNEW before you incarnated you would Graduate with Honours - and here you are!

It was not as “easy” as you believed as once you placed the amnesia shield upon yourselves all of our guidance, reassurance was forgotten. Time to remember once again Dear Ones - here we are. Herein lies the beauty Dear Ones for you have walked through the challenges, the set of lessons you chose and have exemplified yourselves and all the expectations of what could be achieved.
Well Done, Dear Masters, Well Done.

As we in the Higher Realms have overseen our students and watched as they have become Masters of the Game - the pride we feel is overwhelming - a Co-Creation of the highest order.

We acknowledge each of you for what has been achieved. As you are now witnessing many of the “Original Lightworkers” those who set the Game to a new level are returning home to thunderous applause. Now you are being asked to “step-up” and fill their mighty shoes - and you are ready to do so - it is up to each of you to pick up the baton and lead the way for the next generation to follow.

Gratitude and Love for all you have achieved to this time - Excitement and delight for what is to come. Shine your Light brilliantly, Be the LOVE you came to be, reflect that LOVE in all that you do.

And don’t forget the breathe!!!


                                                                          Leslie-Anne Menzies                                             
                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angel(Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
                                                                                    Ph 08 8371 5511, 0408 083 185
                                                                                    Skype: angelstoinspire1111

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