Monday, June 1, 2015

1st June, 2015

MONDAY MEDITATION                                                                1st June, 2015          
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

This new month of June will be quite spectacular.

As you hear these words just know the energies are accelerating and before you realise, it will be July, then August and then September and you will not know where the days went. Did we say time is speeding up?

Everything within your beautiful bodies is also accelerating, allowing for much to progress within your personal energy fields. Your bodies are going through massive changes as we have reiterated. So many aches and pains “growing pains” Dear Ones.

We have mentioned before, when you look back in a few weeks time you will no longer resemble in any form, who you were, what you thought, or how you walked through that time frame.

So many changes, personal and planetary. Watch the skies, many of the cloud formations are giving you indications as to what is occurring on your Planet. Some of you will become adept at “Reading the Clouds” in the same way as others can read the cards.

Much information is being “beamed” to you. Look up Dear Ones and observe.

The Peace you are craving is moving into place more rapidly - and yet you look at your world and not see that reflected back to you. There is so much being achieved in other dimensions that is not yet visible to your eyes. It will all change in an instant when the time is right. There is so much “Action” behind the scenes and it is like a game of Dominos . . . all will fall at the perfect time to reveal all that YOUR LOVE, and YOUR LIGHT has been calling forth.

As “Beings of Light” you have no idea just yet what a massive difference each of you is making towards the incredible Shift in Consciousness. It takes each of you to bring your Domino Block and place it next to the other and so on and so forth.
Oh, the Cheers that will exalt when it all “falls” into place.

You are truly Masters becoming. Here at this most exhilarating time on the Planet - a time YOU chose.

You are the Greatest Beings of Light Dear Ones, Remember that within all your interactions with each other.

It is the Greatest Game that you play and when the time comes to take off your masks you will hug each other in appreciation for the roles you played, for the lessons you taught and were taught by others.

Soon it will all make complete sense to all Beings and then the LOVE that flows from each Heart from that time forward will flow with Eternal Peace.

Allow your beautiful hearts to expand with the energies of acceptance. Know who you are. Open your heart chakras wider each day, allow the Light that is coming into your bodies to expand the Love that you are.

You have played the game well, Masters that you are.

Step forward Dear Ones, honour yourselves and each other as we do.

We stand with you always in great Love, Light and Peace.



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