Monday, August 10, 2015

10th August 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE                                                            10TH AUGUST, 2015                                                    ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                     Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are riding the waves of energy magnificently - even for those who do not recognise this phenomenon, it was felt - in many different ways. The Light Quotient that came from the Galactic Sun on 8.8.8. was monumental in your progression. Much changed within you, within your DNA structure and within every cell of your beautiful bodies. You are in preparation Dear Ones, which is now moving more rapidly than ever.

The urgency you once felt, is subsiding and the knowingness prevails.

More than ever before “going with the flow” will become your new way of Be-ing. You will feel more relaxed, more at “ease” more accepting, that all is indeed flowing as promised.

You knew “knowingness” allows you this feeling of freedom and relaxing of the tension you have felt up until this time.

You can breathe deeper, with more conviction, there is a new spring in your step.

Nothing can stop you now Dear Ones as the Evolution of Consciousness on Planet Earth gains even greater momentum. Your fellow Be-ings who until recently did not understand what had “happened” to you, why you had “changed” are now beginning to see a glimpse of what it is you see. They will be asking questions of you and looking for guidance as their old world now falls away daily, just as yours did.

Can you now see why you had to step on the path ahead of many?  You can now be the one they look to for answers.

You were the first wavers, and you chose this role - no better than others - just a role you asked to play eons ago, to be of service and assistance when the New Earth was destined to move forward.

You have a knowingness now of what is the TRUTH - you are seeing through the lies that have been perpetuated and you will no longer give any of your precious energy to what no longer resonates within your heart.

Trust your magnificent Hearts Dear Ones it is your internal guidance system and will lead you where you need to go. Place your hand on your heart and the Infinite Intelligence that is YOU will know the answers.

As always Dear Ones it is our delight to watch how fast these changes are unravelling and to see the JOY as you reclaim who you are and acknowledge the “I AM THAT I AM” that you are.

All Be-ings are affected by these massive waves of energy flowing to your Planet, so we ask that you hold each others hands as you walk this path together.

This is a time that you volunteered to engineer on your New Earth and from our perspective it is a Miraculous time. Dear Ones, you have gone beyond anything that could ever have been imagined, that is how powerfully creative you are.

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams Dear Ones, for that is what is unfolding one step at a time.

Did I say Delighted Dear Ones, for we truly are?

Well done Dear Ones, Well Done.



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