Monday, November 9, 2015

9th November, 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE                                                        9th November, 2015           Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

So much was achieve on our day together yesterday. So much preparation for what is to unfold. Blessing to all Be-ings in attendance for standing in their Mastery.

We spoke of the 11.11 Gateway that opens 11.11.15. This will allow for so much expansion and allow opportunities for growth in all areas of your life on Planet Earth. Your Earth is also going through this massive expansion.

Are you ready?

The Archangels will be holding the Gates wide open to allow for this next expansion into your Ascension.

You have worked well in preparation for these times and we in the Illuminated Realms are delighted with this next phase.

So many more gifts and opportunities will be presented or returned to you. You ARE ready Dear Ones. Such are these times that the ability to shine in your chosen fiElds will become so apparent to you, you will wonder why you ever doubted your abilities.

You are the Masters becoming and at this time of Great Mastery the 11/11 what an important opportunity for all Be-ings and Mother Earth to step on this accelerated Path. You will walk this path with much more assurance of who you truly are.

YOU will shine.

So Dear Ones, prepare for these massive changes by just Be-ing you, raising your thoughts and expectations for it is truly a time of significant upgrades within your Earth and within YOU.

Your Soul is calling, lovingly and loudly, listen, take the time to go into your quiet space, STOP. Breathe deeply, call on us to be with you.

Ask and you shall receive Dear Ones.

Your time of blessings on this New Earth, with these new Be-ings, YOU has arrived.

Smile at yourselves Dear Ones, for all that you have left behind and at the willingness you chose to go on this incredible journey with your blind-folds firmly in place. That is Divine TRUST, that is Divine FAITH, Dear Ones and you were the Masters willing to lead the way.

Dear Ones it is now time to remove the blind-folds. Open wide your magical eyes and SEE what we have known all along. What a sight lay before you, all because you had the Courage and Fortitude to step bravely into new territory without a road map.

You will be known as Master Pioneers on this immaculate New Earth.

We sing your praises on High.

Blessings Beloved Masters.




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