Monday, October 26, 2015

26th October, Archangel Michael

Monday Message                                                                                 26th October, 2015 Archangel Michael                                                                    Leslie-Anne Menzies                                 

Dear Ones,

The door to your Soul is flying open. Much is being returned to you that you have kept locked away for eons. You are noticing in your awakened times (in those early hours, the time in the past when you would have been fully asleep) that those hours in your awareness are spent, In-Spirit (inspiration). It is truly a time to wake up. Sleep for you has changed.

 Wake-up listen to the nudging of Spirit - so much is being gifted into your awareness during these still moments when you are least hindered by the noise and confusion of your daily life.

This quiet time of “awakened inspiration” is when we commune with you. This is the time you are able to allow the awareness to flow back into your Be-ing. So many of you are feeling this, getting up in the middle of your night writing (like this**** woken up at 4.00 am)

Dear Ones, the excitement is building on your Planet, you are feeling it - talking about it - and as the Creators that you are - Creating it.

This time is so precious, so enlivening and as we watch each of you awaken more fully each day, we share your Joy and Enthusiasm for what is to come.

Your gifts are being “unwrapped.” They have been “stored” so neatly for so long some are still a little apprehensive when confronted by the possibility you may hold something truly precious. You are not sure this is “your gift.” It looks TOO GOOD to be yours. Time to acknowledge the Light of WHO YOU ARE.

Dear Ones, it is time to wake-up, just like on Christmas Day or your Birthday knowing what is in “those parcels” truly has your name inscribed upon it.

Unwrap them with the same excitement, joy and anticipation of the greatest gift you can ever imaging receiving - for it is truly for YOU.

This is the time you came to the Planet to witness and create - this is your agreement, your Piece of the Puzzle - no one else holds this - ONLY YOU. Answers to the questions that have been sought for eons are coming into individual awareness and as you progress through these monumental times each of you will bring forth the necessary answers.

It is a co-creative process, a magnificent plan you “organized” long before you incarnated into this lifetime.
It was YOU WHO SAID : 

 “I WILL DO THIS, I WILL BE THE ONE WHO BRINGS ...................................... TO THE PLANET.

Allow me to bring this gift.

And it was agreed that would be your “PIECE” to share and in doing so, make the ‘WHOLE’ complete.

Dear Ones, you are asked now to step forward, lay down your ‘PIECE” in perfect alignment so the next person can lay theirs and so on and so forth until in the very near times the puzzle pieces will ALL be in perfect alignment.

The immense Joy you will bring to your fellow Beings will be echoed through the Universe and beyond.

You are ALL ONE, duality is no longer an option. Lay down your weapons of defense and allow you Higher Heart to rule your every action and intention and watch how the New Heaven on Earth unravels before you eyes.

And all you did was open a GIFT - the GIFT all humanity has been waiting on - YOU - You being the highest expression of all that you are, the LOVE that you are.

Shine your magnificent Light on Planet Earth Dear Ones and as each of you shine more brightly, with each new day the Earth will dazzle.

What a sight that will be Dear Ones and we will bask in the Glory with each of you.

Shine brightly, chose this day to be all you came to be - no more hiding your gifts - open them to the World - we await you Dear Ones.




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