Monday, March 7, 2016


Monday Meditation, 7th March 2016       Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

These March 2016 energies though so far milder than February are about to amp up once again. So much activity in March with Eclipses, Equinox etc. etc.


March 2016 will be one of those times you speak of in the future. You will oscillate between endings and beginnings, so numerous you will feel the lines blurred. Such an exciting time to be evolving on Planet Earth. You knew this time was coming and you are beginning to remember the excitement you had when you decided to be here at this time, for just this occasion.

As always we ask you to keep the LOVE shining in all situations. Many have now reached an awareness of no matter what happens, or how “good/bad” you label a situation you ‘KNOW” within your heart that ALL is unfolding in Divine timing and Divine ways.

So let go of the old 3rd dimensional labels - good/bad, right/wrong etc and ALLOW it to just Be what it is - no judgement - just ALLOW.

When you step out of the old 3rd dimensional judgement and reflect the Love/Light onto a situation unfolding in your space, you begin to see the “Soul Growth” you are attaining - no longer having to be “right” in any given situation. The release of that energy alone, (righteousness) brings with it a freedom and allows you to breathe deeper into yourself. The healing that takes place is enormous for your Soul Self.

Stand tall Dear Ones and feel how much lighter/brighter your energy feels when you release yourself from judgement. Just breathe into that energy and feel the release. Know that you are truly embodying 5th dimensional reality when you can accomplish this.

Feel the LOVE in your heart, extend that to whomever you are in dis-agreement with and notice the immediate release your body acknowledges. When you take care of your own energy field - you are choosing your own thoughts and emotions just as you choose the clothes you wear each day. You will then be in command of your feelings and not at the whim of uncontrolled fear and emotions - that was the “old” you.

You are now becoming the Stewards of the New Earth and as such this new way of relating is how it will be for all inhabiting the New Earth.

We commend each of you as we witness what it has taken for each of you to “work” through years and lifetimes of old programming and beliefs. Now it is time to move forward into these incredible energies of this month and beyond. Feel as if you are swept on a wave of Love and excitement for the future you have dreamed is becoming reality.

Congratulations Dear Ones, we are delighted to share this time with the phenomenal Be-ings you are. Such wonderful times ahead for each of you as you CHOOSE how this next part of your life on Planet Earth evolves. We have said many times, you are the Creators of your Life and that has never been truer than this NOW MOMENT IN TIME.

What do you choose to create Dear Earth Angels?

Open your beautiful Higher Hearts and allow the Love to flow to you and your fellow Beings and watch the magic pour forth.

And so it is

We are in Awe, Dear Ones,



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