Monday, February 29, 2016

29th February, 2016

Monday 29th February, 2016         Archangel Michael Message      Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Congratulations on your ability to ride the wide, expansive energies of this month. As you approach March the energies will subside for a time. However, March has much to offer. So integrate what you have learned in February and bring that awareness and resilience into this new Month.

Take back your power this month, it is time to spend time on your inner world, working with what you know to be true for you. So much more is “coming up” for each of you through signs of “things not working out in your life” be it relationships, health, finances etc etc. These are all “keys” to offer you an insight into so much more of what is truly happening for each of you. Go within, go quiet, take time, let all that is happening out there, be silenced and look to the “eternal/internal guidance system within” that will only ever be your greatest teacher.

March will be an incredible month, so much in process with the Eclipse, Equinox, Easter heralding yet again many changes for humanity and your habitat.

The lessons from February taught you to let-go of that no longer required to sustain you in this unravelling New Earth.

Learning to Love YOU, Love your body - your physical vehicle. For many your bodies have called out in “pain” reminding you of your connection. Your body wants you to “love it.”
Commune with your Body Elemental, ask what you can do to relieve the pain? Work with - not against your body. Your body vehicle works tirelessly for you and now it is “demanding” to be recognised , nourished and cared for in all ways.

March will be the month for you to undertake a new relationship with your body. What can you change that will assist this amazing vehicle to take you into the next phase of this process?

The energies of change will continue to bring to your attention all that is not in alignment. Relationship to all things, people, places will be questioned. What is not in total alignment for your highest outcome will be shown to you in various ways. This will give each of you an opportunity to re-align, re balance and be in total integrity in your lives.

So much change Dear Ones, remembering of course this is what was requested as you go through the dis-comfort of change. Know it is exactly what is required.

As always may I remind you - each step you take on this New Evolutionary Path is guided by your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light our Star Brother’s and Sisters all in agreement, all blending our energies with yours, to make this an incredible outcome for all humanity.

This is what you have agreed. You have prayed for, cried out for and it is unravelling at warp speed now.

You are becoming all you have ever dreamed. As you unravel from the Old the New is ready for you to step into. How long that takes is up to each individual. Go within, through Meditation/Contemplation look for the answers you already have. You are the authority in your life.

The time to call forth the real YOU is now. We celebrate your return to your true/soul/self.

And so it is.


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