Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Message 17th October, 2016
Archangel Michael                       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Your resilience is inspiring. The rapidity of change within and around you is relentless and still you continue to soldier on. For many of you, change has become your new mode of Be-ing and you are flowing with more ease - you are becoming adjusted and adaptable. Not so for everyone, especially those just waking up from the Illusion.

Awakening of your Full Consciousness requires letting go of the ego and this is a major adjustment for humanity. For many loss of ego showed up in your space as - loss of relationships of all kinds, loss of status - who you believed you “were” or what you “had” in the world. For others it was loss of residence, including home/state/country where you believed you “belonged” in the world. For many there was loss of jobs, income, resources, and for others it has been health related, loss of loved ones through illness, accidents, suicide, wars. So many adjustments have been made. Have you noticed that when even the most unbearable circumstance occurred you have found ways to move forward in a way not thought possible in your “old life.”  Resilience Dear Ones.

I remind you, for all you believe you have lost, so much more is to appear in your new space where ego can no longer be the centre-piece of your life. Through whatever challenges YOU personally have undergone you have become, or are in the process of becoming a greater version of yourself. You are definitely not the same person you were a few short years, months or even a week ago. That is how fast change is happening in and around you. Look around Beloveds this is not the world you incarnated into, for you always knew you were here to bring the mighty changes that were required to bring Heaven to the  New Earth.

The changes you have physically endured, the DNA upgrades, the rewiring and rejuvenating of your physical bodies - turning you into ‘LIGHT BODY BE-INGS’ that you agreed to become at this juncture of time. Such exciting times Dear Ones and the analogy of the Caterpillar becoming  the butterfly is so appropriate - always look to the resilience of nature and what it overcomes for growth and expansion - that is the parallel to you Dear Beings of Light.

YOU are in transition.

Have you ever moved house? What does that look like? Have you packed up your belongings, cleared out all the cupboards, discarded what no longer is required for your “new” residence? Have you been excited to commence your new life, in a new environment, new people to meet, new experiences to have?

These are exciting, magical times because this is how the new YOU, the new “LIGHTER” version of that old chrystalis is heading. Your Wings are ready to expand and you will fly free. All the worries and fears held in your old dense, egoic bodies will be left behind.

The new adventure is beginning and YOU have all the tools and equipment you need to be the abundant Be-ings you were destined to be.

Your “lightened” selves will feel the freedom and you will soar, with the able assistance of all the Be-ings who have loving guided you to this juncture.

What is it you now dream to be?

To do?

It is now your turn to hold the hands and hearts of those just stepping their feet on the Path you have already trodden and with great accomplishment may I add?

Be the Guides and Leaders you came to be, that is why you stepped forward for such times as these.

You are returning to full consciousness Dear Ones the implications of which you can only begin the imagine.

We are with you every step of the way Beloveds.

And it is so.


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