Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Message 10th October, 2016      Archangel Michael       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Today is 10/10 - these new energies flooding your awareness and your Earth are definitely “stirring everything up.” New gateways to the New Earth are being birthed and YOU are the midwifes holding the space for New Life on your Planet.

Take notice of your bodies - are you feeling the electrical currents running in and through you? It can feel like you are wild and wired, not too much sleep, hot and cold. Now imagine what is happening in your outer world as that is a reflection of all that is happening individually.

As you learn to calm your personal environment, that calmness becomes reflected in your outer world. Everything and everyone is inter-related and inter-connected. You have amazing POWER which you are just beginning to realise. You have the ability to choose your personal outcomes. This is True Mastery Dear Ones. You have been riding the waves of change long enough to know it will continue for some time. This is where your Mastery steps up. 

Know what you know about yourself, your reactions, what works, what brings calm and peace? What brings chaos and unrest? Master your thoughts - Remember Dear Ones the Wisdom of your Heart - thinking with your heart is the new way of Be-ing. Master your actions and your re-actions - all from the HEART. Become vigilant of how YOU are expending your energy.

How do you feel? Breath into the feelings and if it is chaotic, then rest, relax, breathe. Allow the world YOU ARE to become harmonious, relaxed, find ease and comfort and then when you choose from this focus, your personal outcome will change - and all will change around you.

YES Dear Ones, you are THAT POWERFUL.

Practice Dear Ones, this will become so routine for you in your incredible future.

This year of 2016 is a year of completion. This year will go down in your history as the time when all the old was abolished - eg governments, financial systems, health systems - anything not of the Light will be extinguished. Many are focused on the current Political System and as I have previously mentioned - do not give this any of your energy - you are only feeding that which you do not want. REMOVE your energy for I tell you once more - none of this charade will eventuate. Place all your ATTENTION on a magical outcome, for that Dear Ones is what we assure will happen. 


So much is speeding up to be accomplished as this year reaches it crescendo. Prepare yourselves for the all new year of 2017 a (1) in numerology. New beginnings - therefore imagine the 1st January 2017 will be 1/1/1 magical indeed.

As this year rapidly moves towards completion there is still much to be finalised in preparation for the fresh start in 2017.

Allow all that no longer serves you to be purged from your awareness - jobs, relationships, places of residence - you are being perfectly positioned to move forward into your next grand adventure - and what an adventure it will be!!!

Time to embrace what you have diligently worked towards these past many years, as you transition into the new YOU.

You are Beings of Light, Mighty Creators, your future is magnificent for you are the ones creating it.

Let go of the old - even though that feels painful now you will soon know it is the perfect choice for you. Replace the old familiar with new and exciting opportunities, the ones you designed before you even incarnated into this timeline.

You are Divine Beings of Light, assisted by many other Divine Beings of Light - all moving towards the magical dreams you are creating each new moment.

Keep you Intentions and Focus on the highest outcomes and then walk triumphantly into your New Earth.

And so it is.


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