Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Message 5th December, 2016
Archangel Michael Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The Earth and ALL her inhabitants continue to be shaken from complacency. It is no longer appropriate to stay asleep. 

The rapidity with which these changes are occurring is astonishingly fast. The coming days and weeks will continue to bring forth ALL that no longer serves humanity, to the surface. Your heads and your hearts will be challenged with all the revelations coming forward. Breathe through it all.

Dear Ones, stay heart-focused and allow the LOVE THAT YOU ARE to be your guide in all decisions. There has NEVER been a more important time to shine your Love/Light on all situations as they arise. Remember, to extend that same consideration to those you choose to call the “Villains” in all that is playing out of your Planet.

Remember Dear Ones, all is in perfect and Divine order:

Just Be

Breathe Dear Ones, as much needs to be shed for the Light to shine through and claim the rightful Victory - ALL IS DIVINE.
Remember also your Divinity in all that transpires, as you chose to be the ones who would “assist” the Planet to return to her original state of Light and Love.

You are all Mastering so many new skills and awarenesses as you take each new step on this Path.


You are witnessing gifts being returned to you, for many new awarenesses and new skills - (not really new, just being re-remembered) which are coming into your consciousness.

These changes that are being presented to you, will allow the FREEDOM you seek. This will also allow the ABUNDANCE to flow, to ALL Beings on Planet Earth. Also, many new HEALTH AND WELLBEING breakthroughs are flooding in to your awareness. Often these are very simple measures, being brought to your attention once more.

Incredible times, even though for some it appears to be too much to walk through, we implore you to hold on Dear Ones. In the not too distant future the answers you seek will be revealed to you.


Dear Ones, you are the KEY to your recovery - you hold ALL the answers to ALL the questions ever formulated -within your Be-ing. We remind you, take the time, slow down, relax, let go and GO WITHIN.

All is contained within your beautiful body vehicles and the knowledge and understanding you seek - you already have the answers.

Go within Dear Ones.

Allow us to remind you WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU CAME at this most magnificent time of transformation and reformation. It was YOU who decided to “hide” this information for times such as these - times to remember your Glorious Selves.

It cannot be stressed enough how loved and supported you are. Call on us and allow us to assist you as you activate your true Divinity once more. Initially you may be overwhelmed with what you discover - the true depth of your Wisdom/Love/Knowledge. At first you will not believe this could possibly be YOU that has access to this information and knowledge. Then as you continue to “open-up” your Soul Self, the walls of thousands of years will dissipate and you will begin to get at first just a “glimpse” of the magnificence that is YOU.

As you make this practice a “habit” greater amounts of wisdom and truths will be revealed and it will be as though a dam has burst its banks - flowing out, covering all it comes into contact with, giving life saving nourishment to not only YOU but all who come within the floodgates of your Be-ing.

Just imagine this as it happens to ALL Be-ings - finally seeing their TRUE Beauty, their TRUE worth, then Dear Ones Peace will surely reign for ALL.

It is time Dear Ones.

Shine your Light, open those floodgates, honour your commitment to YOU and to ALL humanity.

Be the World Server you came to be.


And so it is.


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