Monday, November 28, 2016

28th November, 2016 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Can you feel the change in your vibration? So much more LOVE is becoming evident in your day to day activities, within your personal relationships and then extending out to all who come into your field.

That is not to say there are other energies at play - this is of course the duality which is now coming into balance. The tipping point has been reached and there is now more LOVE/LIGHT frequencies on the Planet - however, this doesn’t make the main-stream news that only concentrates on fear and darkness.

Being the LOVE THAT YOU ARE allows you to look past the fear and move forward to the LIGHT and as you become more aware, those in your sphere get swept up into the momentum you are creating. Keep moving forward into the LOVE/LIGHT Dear Ones. You are the Way-showers and those exhausted by fear are now looking for alternatives. As in ALL transition most need to go to the bottom of the trough before an upward movement is all that is available.

You Dear Ones, are waiting at the top holding your hands outstretched, a smile on your face and love in your heart, ready to receive these tired and weary ones who are standing before you.

You are recognised as the Beacons you are and when there is nowhere else to turn - YOU will be there.

ALL of humanity is currently experiencing many changes in their lives - totally necessary to leave the old behind in order to create the new. For many of you WAY-SHOWERS, your challenges appeared earlier, to allow you time to understand and accept your experiences, learning the tools to make the necessary changes, and move to a place of compassion and empathy.

This truly is your time to shine. So many opportunities and miracles are about to present themselves. All that you have “given up” or “left behind” will be replaced with wondrous gifts of abundance.

Many old scenarios are playing out but you now find yourselves in a sphere of energy where you are completely unaffected by the old - end games.

It is as if you are walking through the seems of the energy in a way that allows you to still be on the Earth without being fully engaged in what is playing out. 

A place of NEUTRALITY.

Breathe into this information Dear Ones and allow the energy of Neutrality to surround and engulf you.

THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE continues to grow each day, you feel it within your Be-ing even as you watch the outer world collapse around you. THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE knows great times are ahead for all who choose LOVE/LIGHT and continue to Shine On regardless of what “appears” to be happening.

TRUST yourselves Dear Ones, you are Creator Beings and this is the time for you to honour your calling to step-up and support those who are still awakening from the dream. The Awakening is quickening now as a result of all the “disasters playing out on the planet.”

End Game Dear Ones.

New rules for the new energy are being formulated by YOU daily.

How do you wish to create your New Earth Dear Ones?


And so it is.


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Terry Ann said...

Yes dear friends and family!
Hallelujah! Thank you beloveds for 'Shining On' through all the trials & tribulations!
We are always, in all ways with you. Love triumphs. Thank you Leslie-Anne and of course
sword, love and shield Michael! <3 ^_^ <3