Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
19th June, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Remember WHO YOU ARE - Divine Beings of Light and Love

Remember WHY YOU CHOSE to come to Planet Earth at this moment in time, a moment like no other.

You came to return Gaia to her Original Divine Pristine nature.

You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE PEACE to all inhabitants of this Earth.

You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE ABUNDANCE to all Beings.

Therefore Dear Ones, it is time for you to acknowledge your Infinite capabilities and honour all you came to BE.

Your Divinity has always guided you and now as you embrace the Wisdom of your true-selves and accept the Knowledge of your true being-ness, the LOVE THAT YOU ARE
will find the momentum to uplift you on this next phase of the Evolution of Humanity.

Acknowledge each other’s Divinity, and as Peace and Abundance once again reigns on the Planet, there will no longer be reasons to conquer each other.

As you learn to truly love yourselves, and forgive yourselves, that will translate into loving the other - YOU, forgiving the other YOU.You and I are truly ONE - no more separation - only ONENESS.

This is why you stepped forward for this unique incarnation, this is why other’s stepped back - to allow YOU this opportunity, NEVER experienced before. You had the credentials needed for this assignment.

For eons of time it was unclear how this “experiment” would unfold. You are “free-will” Beings and many scenarios could have played out. Many “traps” were set before you to trip you up and take you off path. Dear Ones you stayed the course, through all the obstacles which were placed before you, time and time again. We are delighted to walk beside you - always loving and supporting each decision you made - that was OUR mission.

We gently guided you whenever you sought our counsel but the decisions were always YOURS to make.

We now stand on the precipice of a New Earth, changes unheralded - a time of Great Celebration and Rejoicing.

Take our hands Dear Ones as we continue this New Earth together, much more present and visible than ever before.

You feel us, and acknowledge us more easily in your daily lives - this will become even more obvious in times to come.

Each new step you take, we take with you, only now you KNOW THAT - your faith and belief is now unwavering.

As Divine Beings of Light it is incumbent on you to hold within your INTENTION - PEACE and PROSPERITY for all who share this Earth. Imagine the energy of INTENTION - brought together in the ONENESS - you will move mountains Dear Hearts.

You are Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light - allow all that you are to radiate out and as you make this connection in Oneness the Earth will GLOW.

Let the Celebrations flow forth Dear Ones.


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