Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Times of Change

Monday Meditation – AA Michael and the Beings of Light  10th Oct. 2011

Dear Ones

There is much happening as you are aware. Many of the changes we have spoken of have now come to pass. Many more are to follow. We your Angels ask that you hold your centre through all the noise and chaos that still must unleash.

By holding true to your hearts you are united with all beings all over the Planet who are working towards the change. We have said many times the 3rd Dimensional world is collapsing, just as you all agreed it would.

You as a collective have asked to occupy a better space on the planet and that is the 5th Dimensional Reality you have prayed for.

As a collective you have made enormous changes and continue to do so. So much more is just at your doorstep. In these next few weeks there will be much “Noise” in the 3rd D reality but you no longer reside there. You have tools that take you out of that space and allow you to stand in your own integrity with great belief in the magnificent future that is just before you.

We remind you much is still to come. We also remind you, you have the ability to stand tall in the face of it all and be exactly where you are meant to be. You are holding the light for those who are following in your footsteps.

Show them a path that is brightly lit with LOVE and PEACE.

All beings are now searching for that light. There will be much more darkness in the days to come – please do not react with “fear” you have come too far to fall back into that place.

Keep moving forward, holding hands, even though the path you have just trodden may crumble beneath your feet, know that with the very next step you take will be of your own beautiful creation. See what is before you dear ones, don’t look back, keep moving, keep loving and invite all those who chose to follow you to do the same.

We remind you dear ones, we are with you every step you take. We watch as you hold the light for others to follow, as they surely will. As you take more and more steps into your brilliant future you will forget the path you left behind and that is how it shall be.

Keep shining brightly, keep moving forward – do not look back over your shoulder.

You are safe and you are loved always.

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