Monday, October 17, 2011



Dear Ones

It is so very obvious that Change is empowering your Planet. Each of you is needed to embrace the Change.  Every being has a role to play in bringing in the magnificent changes. Each of you in your own unique way “is the change.” Allow the energy of Change to permeate every cell of your body and as it changes the DNA structure of those cells be a living/breathing “Ambassador for Change.”

In your own families, with friends, your co-workers, groups, anywhere your influence has meaning be CHANGE. Let those souls who are struggling with the “letting go of all that was” find an answer in your being.

You need do nothing more than shine your Light into the darkest corners of existence and resistance. Your light shines brightly even though some of you do not realise that beams are pouring forth from your light bodies.

Keep shining brightly; keep your thoughts, words and deeds in high vibration. Nothing more than that is required of you. As you use the higher vibrational vocabulary the vibration alone attracts change.

Change is imminent for all beings, you the Lightworker’s who chose to go ahead of the masses are being asked to again step forward during these next few weeks and months. No longer can Change be denied. So many brave souls, all over the Planet have started the march and it will continue to gain momentum on a daily basis.

You know deep in your beautiful hearts the Truth of all this. As you work to open your Higher Hearts the connection to your Throat Chakra becomes stronger and your TRUTH will flow freely and lovingly from you.

Many are seeking your unique brand of TRUTH and LOVE.

Open your hearts, open your voice – be heard as the Change – the Change that is heralded in by the Love vibration.

Vibrate in this radiance and the world will embrace the change just as you Lightworker’s have in your initiation over many lifetimes.

All your work is acknowledged and commended with love from the Mighty Beings of Light, your Angels, ArchAngeles Ascended Masters. We watch in awe with the unfolding of this new Creation.

We stand together joined in unison as we walk the path of Change as ONE.

Leslie-Anne Menzies   17.10.11

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