Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday 21st November 2011


Greetings Dear Ones, Welcome Home

You are in fact all HOME NOW this was one of the events of 11.11.11 to welcome you HOME.  Some of you may feel like “nothing significant” happened to you at 11.11.11 – IT DID.

What occurred was a major transition of the energetics of the Earth – the Earth and You are ONE. You breathed new life into “All that is” you are a part of “All that is” – Welcome Back HOME.

11.11.11 was a transitioning, a new beginning into the higher energetics and you agreed to play your part in anchoring this new energy into this very New Earth.

Many, many changes are taking place on the Planet of Free Will and you are experiencing them both personally and globally.

It is your time to Shine your beautiful Light – brighter than ever before.

Mother Earth is working with you to instigate many of the changes she needs to facilitate to bring to completion the Plan you have all agreed upon.

As you stand in your power – even when you are unsure of your complete role in the process we ask you to TRUST your knowingness that is how it will unfold.

TRUST your own wisdom, your own power, your oneness with “All that is”.  The newly charged Light that has been unleashed unto the world is spreading ever so rapidly from person to person, country to country. It is enveloping “All that is”

It was said: Christ will come again – you are rising up, the Christed Ones, you are “All that is.” Honour this TRUTH you have chosen at this time with full knowledge of the “GIFT” that has been given to humanity once again.

You have all asked for, prayed for, begged for this time and we humbly tell you – your time has come – you are indeed what you have been waiting for.

Can you grasp the magnificence of who you truly are – can you honour yourselves as the Kings and Queens of the land. Honour also all the other Creators of Form for that is who you are – each and every one of you.

No one is more than, or lesser than – equality for each soul is to be embraced on the New Planet Earth and we watch in awe as the Creators that you are STEP UP to the new challenge of living in Peace and Harmony on the New Planet of free choice.

Chose well dear ones and Welcome Home.

You are loved beyond measure for all you do.

Welcome Home.

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