Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beyond 2012

Dear Ones,

Many still hold fear towards 2012 and all that entails. Let go of your fears. You are amazing Creators – more now than ever before. That means your thoughts are always creating your future. The future and that very much includes 2012 is in your hands. We have asked you many times before – What kind of future do you want to manifest for 2012?

The intention that was brought in at 111111 was for Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All and Joy to the Word. Many of you are still holding onto the outmoded thought patterns. It is time to completely release old fears.

We are fast approaching the end of your year 2011. It is time to prepare for the new 2012. Start your resolutions now – hold in your intentions in your Meditation how you want 2012 to look.

Let go of the fear – hand it over to us to transmute into the most perfect perception of your vision for 2012 and beyond. For we tell you most perfectly there is so much to come after 2012 – some of you are so focused on that date that you cannot see beyond. 2013,14,15 etc… will come and go in the ebb and flow of life. However, you will remember 2012 as the significant turning point it is.

We remind you fear is a choice. Choose LOVE instead.

This is a time in your humanity that has NEVER been experienced before – YOU are about to write your history from this day forward.

Join together in setting the Intention for Peace on Earth – it is only a breath away. Keep breathing in the breath of the Creator and join with other Creators who also wish to see this become a reality.

You are the Creators of this new dawning and you are the wayshowers to all who will follow your lead.

Many are watching you, just wanting someone to show them a better way of being. A way to release the fears they have held in their bodies for many, many lifetimes.

Can you see your new world where fear is no longer a word? That time is upon you Dear Ones. When you are able to let go, those who are watching you will feel the freedom to also let go. There will be a domino effect. Ah, how we your Angels and Guides will applaud that time.

You hold the key to your own Heaven on Earth – Create that which you wish to see manifest. Create with the Love and Joy that you are and see the Miracles that will follow.


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