Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 22 2012

Sunday 22nd January, 2012     Beings of Light

Dear Ones

How exciting 2012 is already.  Do you not feel the difference this New Year is bringing? We tell you to enjoy this year as it will travel so fast. Your development as Spiritual Beings will delight and surprise you as you very quickly move through this time. Before you can take a breath 2013 will be on your doorstep and you will ask yourselves and each other – “What was the fuss about.?”  For you see Dear Ones many of the outcomes you anticipated were dissipated through the new energy of LOVE that you helped anchor on to the Earth.

Indeed Dear Ones these are exciting times and you feel it. You KNOW that you are the co-creators of what is unfolding. Have you not already had experiences and examples of what you are creating? You are joining your energies and focusing on a task, be it a healing, or a manifestation. You now KNOW that if there is a hint of something that in the old energy could be a “disaster” through your focused attention you can change the outcome – what possibilities lay ahead for you with that information. You can create the highest outcome – that is your NOW. By working together in harmony you can create Miracles. Co-operation and Co-creation will be how you build the Magnificent future that is now your reality.

You are we and we are you and what a powerful element for change we have all become. We all need each other for we are each other. There is no more “aloneness” that is an energy that is leaving the Planet. More and more souls are awaken ing to KNOW for great change to take place on the Planet we need to honour each other and to harmonise our differences so that we can work towards oneness for all.

There is so much ahead for humanity and the excitement is building on Planet Earth. Many Beings of Light and Great Masters are joining together with you to make this the greatest time the Planet has experienced.

In the future of the Planet you Dear Ones will be the ones who made it happen.

Well done Dear Ones, Well done.

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