Monday, February 20, 2012

Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Awakening

AA Jophiel Monday 20th February, 2012
Greetings Dear Souls,
It is my desire and joy to bring you all to an understanding of what is happening to you and your Planet at this precise time in the Evolution of all that is.
In these next few days (yes I said days) many, many changes are coming to your Earth and whilst these changes may appear confusing, disruptive, and even challenging for some - the Highest content is assured. You have ALL had a hand in what is about to unfold - you just don’t remember on a conscious level at this time.
Each and every soul incarnated at this time is growing through their own Spiritual Evolution and yes it is happening on different levels and experiences for each being.
Some of you who chose to walk in front of your brothers and sisters to show the way by “being the Light” that guides. Those of you who chose this path have led a very lonely existence for the past few years, wondering if you were just fooling yourselves into believing all that was promised to you. And now to your very surprise you are seeing that which you wished for and wished to create is coming into being. Well done Bright Stars - you have shone the Light for all to see.
Remember those Souls who have chosen a different path - not lesser - just different. They are now seeing a glimpse of what you saw many eons ago. You were the ones who said you would go forth and make the way clear for the masses to follow - and follow they are.
They now look to you, they are watching your Light, basking in the beams of Love that are radiating from your Souls. They too want to follow and find the Peace and Love that you are acquiring on a daily basis.
Offer your hand and heart in response to their calling. No pushing, no shoving, just gentle reassurance of the Path you are walking. You are being watched by many on all levels who see what a magnificent job you have created in the game of “follow the leaders.”
I offer you my assistance on that very journey you chose. I AM always with you. Encouraging, supporting, loving you into your new existence. Heaven on Earth is no longer just a dream, it becomes more real with every step you take.
Call on me when your steps get weary and when the days seem arduous - and know it is just for a fleeting moment - because you are rejuvenated at every lapse you may feel.
It is my unique honor to be of service to all who chose to walk this path, especially those who were out front without the awareness of the guidance or not believing you were worthy. Remember Dear Ones you are a Spirit pretending to be a human. We agreed to always walk alongside you and now you are starting to remember. It gives us great Joy when you call out to us and take our hand as we walk in Partnership to the New Earth.
We shine our Light on the path just in front of you so you may never stray from the Path of Illumination. We are You and You are We. Oneness awaits.
I AM AA JOPHIEL - I give assistance to all who walk the Path of Evolution - call on me when your Path feels uncertain.

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