Monday, February 27, 2012

Archangel Metatron 27.2.2012

Monday 27th February 2012                Archangel Metatron
Greetings I AM Archangel Metatron
Today is a significant day in your human evolution. Much is shifting and changing on your planet and it is my desire to be of assistance to all who chose to call on me at this time.
Look to the Skies, have you not noticed the miraculous sunrises and sunsets, the clouds. So much of your Earth Atmosphere is so very different than it has been in past days. We tell you to watch the cloud formations they tell a story all of their own. Much can be learned from the clouds.
Dear Ones, you are all progressing along the path of Evolution, some of you are still struggling to understand what is expected of you. We tell you - just breathe, just allow, all is unfolding in perfect order just as we agreed it would.
How thrilled you will be in some months ahead when you completely “get the bigger picture”. The days to come will see you without the fear and worries that plague you this day.
I wish you to understand a concept of the future that you will grasp in a short space of time. You will be living much happier lives, free of the stresses and strains of your 3rd Dimensional Reality.
We have said many times - Create your Heaven on Earth - most have thought this to be just a dream, well we tell you Dear Ones your dreams are about to become reality.
There is still much that needs to shift on your planet but evidence each day is being shown to you. Those who chose the role of the dark-side are now loosing their power - there is so much Light coming in and being radiated by yourselves that the dark forces have no where left to hide.
We  have told you the dark-forces are only those souls who chose to teach the lesson of duality on the planet. There are no bad guys they played the role YOU asked them to play to enable you to see the differences is shades of Light and Dark.
Those who have played these roles are now being relieved of their power. You have seen and will continue to see those who has misused power are being taken into custody and will be transformed - if that is their desire back to the side of the Light.
It will be their choice as it was for each and everyone of you. Who amongst you were not tempted in the past when it came to ego pursuits, did you not desire, power, great wealth and standing in the community - the ego has served you all well. And there are those who did achieve all the ego promised and found that was not the answer to their prayers after all.
As many of you started to awaken to see the “Light” in whatever capacity that was for you - you began to let go of the power the ego had over you. Like all aspects of you - Balance and Harmony is a great Master.
We in the Angelic Kingdom watch as each of you has won your battles although some still continue with the last remnants of allowing the ego to control you.
Ego in the new energy only wants what is best for you and therefore balance and harmony is what it seeks.
Work with us and allow us the opportunity to assist you to once again lead the harmonious, balanced lives that you did in Atlantis.
Your time is fast approaching towards that reality and we are so very pleased.
Call on me as your personal Teacher during these times of massive learnings.

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