Monday, April 16, 2012

Angels of Atlantis

AA Shamael
Dear Ones,
It is my honor to assist you this day. In calling forth my services you are attuned to the alignment of your Soul Self. For most of your earthly incarnations you have been separate from this Soul Self. It remained outside of you to enable you to more fully play the human game. Now as you prepare to bring yourselves back into complete alignment, elements of your Soul Self are beginning to filter back into who you truly are.
There is much to do to facilitate this alignment as as we have told you in the past LOVE is the key that allows all to flow in perfect order.
As you are becoming more and more aware of your true essence and reason for being you are more accepting of the fact that a Higher Aspect of you - your Soul-Self is now ready to assist you in redefining your highest being.
As the Keeper of the Soul-Self of humanity I AM delighted that more and more souls are ready to take responsibility for all that they are becoming.
I have assisted you always as you moved through your many incarnations but none have been as magnificent as what beholds humanity now. As you have been assured many times, there has never been a time like that which is unfolding.
I stand in awe as I watch more beings start to claim who they truly are and begin to reclaim elements of their Soul-Self. Even more excitedly I watch as you begin to integrate pieces of your Soul-Star back into your human aspect.
It is time Dear Ones to truly let go of all the old beliefs you have held for eons and truly welcome back the true aspects of you.
As more and more beings take up the challenges and opportunities that lay before them the more balance and harmony will be returned to the Earth.
For it is so, as you take responsibility for “all” you create you will realise that what you see in your life as unjust, unacceptable behaviours was always a reflection of something you yourself were creating.
Now with this new acceptance of your true-self you will stand tall and recognise you are the Creator of your Universe. As you learn to accept more and more of the truths being revealed to you and as you learn to work in co-operation and co-creation with your fellow beings you will see the Planet return to the natural balance she is seeking.
The Angelic Realms and Mother Earth are assisting each of you in the transmuting just as you are assisting “all that is” it is a co-operative effort.
Much is changing and so much more will in the days ahead. As we see you take the responsibility that is yours we know that you will be in a perfect position to assist those who are not awake to all that is transpiring.
The time to awaken fully is now upon all humanity - it is part of your responsibility as the Awaken Ones to slowly but swiftly awaken those around you still sleeping in their unconscious state.
Those in your circle who “look to you” and trust you on earthly matters will now look to you to show the strength of your beliefs. There will still be those who chose not to listen to you today, but tomorrow and the next day as more and more is revealed to the Planet - they will remember you planted a seed in them and they will come looking for the answers you hold.
Much is about to transpire, time is of the essence for you to be the Messenger you agreed to be. It is no longer appropriate to hide the knowledge you have within your being. Once you reveal to those yet unawakened your truth that will also release the infertile seeds in them. You are the water - pour forth on the soil of the unawakened they require that which you bring forth.
The days of ridicule are numbered. All humanity knows on some level all is changing - they have fear in their hearts it is your chosen duty to alleviate that fear.
Show them the love and compassion in your heart - LOVE does indeed drive out fear.
Be the Beacons of Light you have chosen to be - shine your light to all who come into your presence it is these actions which will allow more and more of your own “Soul-Self” to filter back into the humanity that you are and your light will shine so brightly for all to see, including you.
You know this to be truth and you feel the truth more and more assisting you to overcome the fear you have held in your past.
You are the Ones others are looking for. You have all had your dark-nights, it is now your turn to leave that in the past where it belongs and allow the Light and Love that you are to transmute all.
Stand tall Dear Ones, honour your Light, honour who you truly are for it is in you we see the future of this planet thriving.
And so it is, blessings Dear Ones,
I AM AA Shamael.

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