Monday, April 23, 2012

Archangel Uriel

Monday 23rd April 2012
A message from AAUriel
Dear One
Thank you for calling forth my energy this day as I have wished for this communion. I am assisting all humanity at this time as are all the Angelic Realms, Legions of Light and all Light Beings who are overseeing this magnificent time on your Earth.
Much is shifting and changing on a daily basis and as we have told you many times you and the Earth are ONE. What happens to the internal and external breath of the Earth is reflected in your own breathing. You and the Earth are ONE that understanding needs to be recognised more fully by all beings of Earth. It is central to all that is happening and when you learn to connect more fully to your own breathing you will come into balance with the Earth Breath. 
Breathing deeply and calling in Mother Gaia as you breath will bring such depth, harmony and balance not only to your own life but to the lives of all beings on the Planet. It is time for the spiritual maturity of all beings. Time to take responsibility for all you are to be.
We your Angelic Guides are assisting you during these turbulent changes that you are now witnessing on a daily basis. 
Can you not see the rise of fear and anger on your Planet? There is much fear and confusion for those souls who are unsure of the feelings that are being expressed within their own bodies. So much is coming up from your emotional bodies to be transmutted that for some this is such a fearful act they then use the duality mechanism that has been at the front of human actions and they then turn this emotion into voilence against another when in fact it is their own fears made manifest.
So much of your effort is needed to assist your bothers and sisters on the Planet to find their true selves not their old 3rd dimensional way of being. It is leaving the Planet - but not without first making a lot of noise and confusion. Yes the darkness is leaving but many are still holding on to it as it passes through their bodies therefore reacting in the old 3rd dimensional way. In your new reality just allow it to come up - release it - let it dissipate and then choose a new way of being. 
The new way of being is to choose your thoughts, choose your actions. Know that what is leaving your body will never return again if you just let it go. Don’t hold anything back, allow its progress from the darkness to the light.
You will in the days to come feel more “light bodied” as much is transgressing right now. You are ready for these many changes that are unfolding and we are so delighted to assist you as we see you becoming all that you are.
The new human if forming every day as you take a new step and we watch and appreciate what it takes for each of you to follow this path of the new human becoming.
We are delighted that you have chosen this path and we stand with you and can only be of assistance when you call our name.
We stand prepared to walk this journey with you and we will stand with you as you celebrate the new human you are.
Call on us each step of the way.
And it is so.
I AM AAUriel

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