Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Meditation 29th October, 2012        AAMichael            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

You are riding the waves of change more magnificently that you give yourselves cedit for. If you could only see it from our vantage point you would all be celebrating and rejoicing in your many accomplishments.

You have changed so many of the timelines and instigated changes not even we were aware could happen and here you are - surprising those who believe in you completely.

There is a crest in the waves approaching, one you have been preparing for, for eons and you are about to take a huge leap forward in your consciousness - the reason you are here is to raise the consciousness/vibration of Planet Earth.

It is so close, what you are feeling is the “build up” the preparation it takes for you as a collective to be at the right time and place and joined in your human evolution groups ready and willing to ride the “big-one.”

You are ALL facilitating the changes and you are ALL responsible for what you bring forward into this new awareness YOU are creating.

We love and assist you at all times. Remember Dear Ones - you are the Creators, you are the Ones making the changes with your collective thoughts and dreams for the World you wish to inhabit in these times of Evolutionary Magic. We remind you again, keep your thoughts, clean, clear and focused on what it is you wish to vision for this New Earth.

What a time it is you have agreed to be here to meet these challenges - you were excited and elated when you first dreamed this dream and we ask you to remember what part you chose to play.

Take time and ask in your dreams, your daydreams, meditations to pose just that question.
Remind me of my role? Glimpses of it will form and you will have ahah moments allowing you to move forward in complete knowing of what you wish to accomplish.

TRUST your guidance and intuition, it is leading you to a place of magic and wonderment.

All is as it is meant to be, remind yourself of that TRUTH the next time something happens and you revert to your old fears and doubts. Remember who you are - you are the greatest of Beings who agreed to bring this plan to fruition.

Look in the mirror Dear Ones, see through the illusion, see through the Dimensions to your God Core and then you will see what we see - Magnificent Beings creating a Miraculous New Earth.

When you truly know YOU, how this Earth will thrive just as you planned.

Join hands and hearts Dear Ones, the time for you to KNOW yourselves in your true Divinity is upon you.

Accept this TRUTH, move forward on your journey with your bellow beings and see what wonderment lies before you.

As always we walk each step with you and you are so loved.

I AM Archangel Michael 

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