Sunday, January 13, 2013

14th January, 2013

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL      MONDAY 14th Jan. 2013           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Can you not feel the miraculous New Earth forming? Do you not feel the New Earth Vibration radiating out as you the Souls of the Earth anchor more Love and Cosmic Light into the Planet?

These are indeed miraculous times you are now living in. You are beginning to feel, sense and appreciate all that is shifting and changing and you are embracing these changes without the fear associated before the Cosmic Date of 21.12.12.

As was stated in my last message to you - many felt “nothing much happened” during the cosmic moments - however, now you are beginning to “know” in your Being much did indeed shift and it is becoming more obvious each day of this New Year.

The Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters and all Beings of Light are overjoyed at what is transitioning on your Earth. The Love vibration is radiating out at an all time high and that is being reflected out into the Cosmos. We are so very pleased with what is transpiring not only on your Earth but more importantly in your Hearts.

From our vantage point we get to measure the Heart Resonance Vibration and we are extremely pleased and delighted to see this resonance rising higher and higher each new day as more and more Beings awaken.

This radiation of the Heart/Love is abounding all over your Planet and beyond. Can you not see the ramifications as this rate continues to rise.

Humanity will not be able to sustain the fear and hatred as more and more hearts awaken and what wonderful repercussions for all humanity and beyond.

Our suggestion is to add to this increased activity of Heart/Love energy is to breath into your higher heart centre (thymus gland) focusing the breath and expanding the heart. Do this when you think of the Love you are feeling for your loved ones, your animals, your Planet. See your heart growing and expanding and then send that energy to another and another until it encompasses the whole Planet. This action if done by each Being reading this message will expand not only your Love/Light quotiant but those who receive your gift and then share it with others.

This is how you will change yourself, each other and the entire Planet - One Heart At A Time!!!

Breath deeply Dear Ones and enjoy this wonderful adventure you have chosen. Play well with those your encounter. See into their Hearts, breath in the Love and watch how this Planet explodes into the Oneness you are ALL creating.

You are loved for what you are accomplishing as the family of Love/Light.

And it is so.


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