Friday, January 4, 2013

Heart Energy 4.1.13

Dear One

Heart Energy is the energy of the future - as you work to bring your heart energy, Higher Heart, Thymus into alignment and cease to work and think with the Rational Mind much will change in your field.

Concentrate on the Love Vibration that radiates from the Higher Heart - take note of what messages it is conveying to you. Follow your heart - ask questions of it and wait to hear the reply.

Follow the instructions and messages your Higher Heart is conveying to you. This is the New Energy - let go of your old way of "thinking with the Rational Mind." Think with the Love and Wisdom of your Higher Heart - the answers will be powerful and profound for you will be tapping into that highest part of you that knows all.

Ask the question and then listen to your Higher Heart - such wonderful advice awaits you when you live from this Dimension of the Heart.

Blessings Dear One.

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