Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Archangel Michael’s Message      11th June, 2013       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

What great days these are. Have you been noticing how you are experiencing yourselves in these last few days? Are your energies much calmer? Do you notice the feeling of being more settled, more comfortable in the energies?

You needed this peace and calmness, a time to just be, to realign with all you have taken into your be-ingness in these past few months of this 1st Year of your New Creation.

As the door closed on 2012, there was much expectation. For those of you who felt cheated that the Earth did not move in the way you believed it would - we tell you “it did!” only in much smaller increments that you had wished for. It moved and you moved in a way that was the most comfortable for you to integrate into your energetic systems. You have all made such wonderful changes to your human perceptions. Now things that were a challenge a short time ago you move more freely with and have an acceptance of.

Congratulations Dear Ones you are so uniquely adaptable and we are joyous just watching you have these “experiences.”

We tell you now Dear Ones you are once again ready for the next “step-up” on this evolutionary path. You have gathered in your strength once more, breathed deeply and are now ready to step off on the next part of this incredible adventure.

You have realigned much within the energetics of your being, upgraded, rewired, just like a new home - that’s what you a creating within you. A new place of residence and resonance.

It is all systems go Dear Ones, do you not feel the excitement as you prepare for this next stage of the journey?

As always we are ever close holding your hands in amazement and awe at the creativity that you bring forth.

Exciting times, ahead for all in Creation.

Watch the young ones they are truly the bridges of change and it is happening rapidly. Support them, hold the space of LOVE for all humanity. Those who have opposed you in the past you just might find them now joining the ranks of this forward movement.

You have anchored so much LOVE/LIGHT on to the Planet that it is changing the most recalcitrant souls. You will be in total awe as you watch what is just before your eyes and ears. 

We ask that you continue bringing forth the Light of Creation, running it through your Crown Chakra, through your energy tube, into your Sacred Heart and then ground it into Mother Earth.

The more times a day you can spend with this one simple exercise it will speed up the amount of LIGHT/LOVE quotient for all beings.

You will feel amazing after doing this and the results will be felt by all, not only those in your energy circle, but spreading out to the Oneness that you are.

Expansion is required for all beings, open your Sacred Heart, pour forth the Love you Are onto the Planet and watch how it expedites all things.

Excitement does not even begin to explain how we feel - what an amazing Co-Creation is taking place.

Blessings Dear One


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