Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Archangel Michael June 24th


Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You have just experienced a massive Winter/Summer Equinox - did you feel the restrictions, the contractions, the mis-directions and the incredible expansions - so very much occured during this time? Many doors closed and so many more opened.

Many souls chose to leave the Planet as they do during the opening of these Portals.

Keep breathing Dear Ones, allow all you have experienced over these last few tumultuous days to integrate into your energy fields.

The Sun and the Moon - massive expansive energetics sent forth and because you are One with ALL THAT IS there was massive expansion within you.

Take deep breaths, rest, meditate, find the silence within. Your bodies have been under enormous stress and pressure - use the tools you have been given. Remove yourselves from stressful situations, bring more Light into your bodies. Stand barefoot in the Sun/Moon energies and allow it to flow through you. Bathe in the energy - how magical it is.

The Angelic Realms are celebrating all that has been achieved through this Equinox period - we see the growth, the changes that are taking place within and around each of you. Many are still only seeing what is occuring from a limited experience and therfore much fear remains. The Lightworker’s of this world are uniting, you have witnessed the large groups forming all over the Planet and they are now standing up and reflecting the Light of ALL THAT IS.

This shall continue, the Light has arrived and will continue to spread to all corners and to all peoples.

Rejoice in what you are witnessing and participating in, for it is truly joyous. Touch another’s heart and watch how one small action can spread and grow until it creates huge change on the Planet.

Dear Ones, there is still much change ahead of you - exhilerating times ahead - keep breathing, keep asking, keep loving and working in unision. You create Unity every time you offer a glimpse of hope to someone on your path who doesn’t know what you know but is inspired by you because you offer what they are searching for and what they feel in their hearts but as yet have no expression for.

Dear Lightworker’s job well done, keep that heart open, the love flowing and even when you are the ones also feeling the restrictions, compressions within your own lives. Much is being achieved by you just breathing through it, not engaging in the fear aspect which looks very real but is an illusion. You know in your heart that fear is fighting its very last battle and by being the Love that you are Victory for the Light is assured.

What beautiful Light now shines forth from your Planet, so much more Light than ever before.

You have been victorious in the Light and Love that you are.

The Beings of Light applaud what you are achieving on a daily basis, all in the realms of Light Celebrate each and everyone of you.

And so it is and so it will be


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