Monday, June 3, 2013


Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Standing in your power is essential for each and everyone of you. There is much confusion and un-ease on the Planet and your strength and resilience is needed. Beautiful Souls you are co-creators of Creation. Now is your time to shine, to step into your power and own your be-ing on this Planet.

So much is unfolding for you each day and we hold your hand as you take each tentative step into this New Earth each of you is creating one step at a time.

The NOW moment is the key to living each day. The past is over NEVER to return - the future is what you are currently creating with each NOW moment. Can you see how absolutely critical it is to hold the most magnificent expectations within each moment?

As each of you bring more light onto the Planet with your thoughts, intentions and action you are allowing the Earth to absorb more Light also. It has been stated many times you and the Earth are ONE. Remember that connection each time you call on the Light of Creation, anchor it in and through your sacred vessel and then anchor it into the Earth Star Chakra. Connecting you and Gaia as ONE.

Your energies are best served by being in Peace and Harmony and thats what happens when you are completely in the NOW moment. Within that space there is no pushing, shoving, worry or anxiousness. Create a mantra for your NOW moments. Repeating several OM’s, singing a note - anything that raises your vibration into the field of oneness with the all. This vibration then becomes as a magnet to bring toward to you all that is in alignment with peace and harmony.

Dear Ones you have lived so long in these dense vibrations now it is time to lift yourselves into the NOW moments and watch how your life expands and opens you up to so many new possibilities and freedom.

You know the old ways no longer serve you, why would you want to spend just one more moment of your precious life energy feeling like you have in your recent past. The times you are creating in each of these NOW moments have never been experienced by humanity EVER.

You are the pioneers of this new paradigm you are creating with each new step that you take. As you live and breathe only NOW moments how does your creation appear? What a magnificent, fun and exciting time you are creating for yourselves and your loves one who are looking to you to lead them out of the sticky mud they find themselves in.

No longer will your world be as it was - a New Earth is being created one Light Being at a time. Witness what is happening Dear Ones, unprecedented change is right in front of you. Everyday you witness change - you are that change. It is happening through your thoughts and actions. If you are not physically present to assist the changes, send your thoughts and your Love vibtation you are the instrument of Peace on your Planet.

So much is transmuting and many more changes are just before you. The vibration is spinning and your Planet is matching that vibration. As your vibration joins in unision just watch what unfolds. Your new way of living in Oneness with all of Creation is no longer just a dream - you are the Architects of this beautiful creation. Be pleased with what you are accomplishing Dear Ones each of you hold your own unique piece of the puzzle. What is unfolding now rapidly in front of your eyes is your creation.

As the old ways of being finally crumble and fall, do not fear, stay in the NOW, support those who do not have the skills and understanding that you have. Many will look to you as they see you standing in the “eye of the Storm” with such a calmness, strength and resolve it will be as if your Beacon of Light will be guiding them to you. Be a safe haven for those who are yet to understand what is rapidly taking place.

Everyone on the Planet is ascending but there are still many who do not even know the meaning of Ascension. However, just like you, they will awaken, many will awaken quickly. As they think with their heads, fear will surface but just like you, as they learn to trust  in their hearts, they will know all will be well.

So let your lights shine even brighter Dear Ones you have the faith, the courage and the belief that all indeed is as it should be. You are the most wonderful, benevolent Beings of Light - now it is time to stand tall, stay in the NOW, know that fear is leaving the Planet and the future shines brightly with LOVE.

We applaud your bravery Dear Ones for this has been a brave step you have taken, especially because as you take each step you have no idea where your next step will take you but you have trusted yourselves, you have felt our presence along the Path and deep within your Souls you knew you were never alone, although your human mind could not “prove-it.” That level of TRUST AND FAITH never went unrewarded. You are your own reward.

You are loved dearly and acknowledged for the persistent effort so many of you have contributed, never really knowing the outcome but believing you could and have created the Golden Age for all to live in Peace and Love at last.

Well done Earth Angels

We applaud you

Archangel Michael and the Beings of Light

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