Monday, May 27, 2013



Dear Ones,

Are you feeling the “freeing up” of the energies? Much has transpired through the recent activities of Solar/Lunar Eclipses, Sun emissions etc. Much has shifted and changed within you and around you. Your new reality is looking wonderful - you are beginning to sense that what has changed really is for the better. Even though many of you fought to hold on to what you “knew” you are now ready to let go and welcome in the “new”.  You are beginning to see a future much rosier than the recent past.

Your bodies are aligning and working overtime to bring in these changes. You may find you require more sleep or at times you are unable to sleep at all. Please take extra care of your physical vessels as the changes are enormous and while you cannot witness what is happening on the inside you can certainly feel the changes.

All of your senses are being up-graded hearing, seeing, feeling and some you are not yet aware of. So we remind you take care of your physicality - it is so important to rest when you feel the need. Staying in the NOW (present time) will be most beneficial. Check in with your be-ing, what is required at this precise moment and then honour that need. Listen intently to what your Body Elemental is communicating to you. All systems are working as a Unified Field to bring about the creation of your Multi-Dimensional Self, the magnificent creation of the new YOU. If you could only get a glimpse of what is before you, you would marvel as we do at what you are creating at this time.

We watch you as Creator Beings and we are thrilled with what we see unfolding on this Planet and remind you that all you are doing and creating can only be done in a body such as your human form.

The Angelics and Master Realms remain in awe of what is transpiring on your Planet and we remind you we are here to assist you in this the greatest of evolutionary times but we cannot do it for you. All choice is yours, we are your assistants only, your Cheer-squad.

As I have mentioned we are closer to you than has ever been possible in your human creation. Therefore whatever assistance we can, we offer to you. You are beginning to Re-member that you are indeed Powerful Beings, Powerful Creators. We watch as you begin to acknowledge your synchronistic events happening in your lives and we marvel at your awareness. “So if I am bringing that small object into my life by my thoughts - then maybe if I expand my thoughts I can create on a larger scale - and then YOU DO.!!!”  We love watching you and smile with delight as things “appear in your field.” You are now recognising yourselves as the Creator Beings we have always known you to be.

What do you dare to dream Dear Ones? - Dream Big. You are the Creators of your life and now as your egos subside your Creations take on a more cosmic appeal as your awareness of being one with each other comes more into alignment. You are creating a world more suitable for all beings to live in Peace and Harmony and thats why you have flow happening in your creations.

Many of you are supporting causes that are bringing awareness to the unjust happenings - things that will no longer be tolerated. Remember all is in perfection as you played this old game.  As you create this New Earth you will not take these mis-creations with you.

Join together in Love and support of each other. Create the Utopia you wish for your New World. Unity Consciousness is the way of the future on your Planet.

Visualise what it is you wish this Utopia to be and then out-picture using your 3rd Eye. What you out-picture must appear in your reality for you are Creator Beings. Is this not a wonderful gift Dear Ones?

What is it you envision for the self/your family, friends and the Planet as ONE.

Imagine what a wonderous, glorious future you are creating.

It is our absolute honour to take these steps on this New Path with each and everyone of you.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings


And it is so

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