Monday, August 12, 2013

12th August 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE - Archangel Michael - 12th August, 2013         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

It is with great Joy I greet you this day. Can you feel the excitement building in your world, in your lives, and within your Hearts? Much is happening on so many levels, and those of us in the Realms of Truth and Illumination are very excited.

We witness each and every one of you and the transformation that is taking place within and around you is extraordinary. You may or may not see it, but it is monumental from our perspective. We want for you to see with your new eyes, and hear with your new ears. So much is taking place within your DNA, so many changes which you are not yet completely aware of. We look forward to the times when you will understand all that has transpired to bring you to this very new place you will be occupying both within the physical and spiritual aspects. You are becoming the beings you always knew you were to become in this lifetime. Before you incarnated you knew - this was it - this was the one amazing time like no other. Many times you have been reminded and I feel it is so important to once again bring it to your attention for many of you are feeling the effects of the changes and sometimes wonder “what AM I doing here?” 

Oh Dear Ones if you could only remember (and you will) of the time you petitioned Mother/Father God for the “right” to be here during this time - this time like no other. The excitement you all held because you “knew” what an incredible time you would be coming to Planet Earth, all the changes that would be necessary and you were “selected” because of what you had to offer, the gifts you would bring, the souls you would assist. Please also REMEMBER many stood aside for you to be here. You had spent many lifetimes preparing for this and here you are. We ask you to look deep within your hearts and remember what we tell you because you do have that memory and it is now time to leave all other thoughts behind and take up the mantle you each chose.

It is time Dear Ones, to stand in your power, acknowledge your path, know that many others are holding hands with you. So many realms of Light are also cheering you on and offering whatever assistance you require. This is very new territory, never been done before, you are the pioneers and what magnificent pioneers you are. 

I have reminded you on several occasions just how close the Angelics and the Ascended Masters are to you. Many are sharing this very new space with you in physical incarnation and many are etherically holding your hands and hearts. All assisting in any way possible to make this transition easier for each of you. Please call on us for assistance when the going gets too much for you. As you see and feel us more easily, you will relax in the knowledge and the belief of all we have ever told you is TRUTH and it will resonate within you and you will move into the FREEDOM you have come to experience.

There are grand celebrations happening on your Planet one of which is the Harmonic Convergence which occured 26 years ago (16/17th August 1987) in your time - this was a time, a landmark when humanity made the conscious choice to move forward and to wake up consciously. So this coming weekend it is time to once again celebrate the choice that was made and the wonderful outcome from that auspicious occasion. Dear Ones celebrate how far you have all come, what changes you have all made. You are the conscious/creators of this New Earth and you have all worked tirelessly to see it to fruition. Did you have any idea 26 years ago what you could create? It has been beyond the wildest dreams of all - even we in the higher realms were unsure as to how this would happen and here we all are. We stand in awe of what has already taken place but more importantly, what is about to take place. You are truly magnificent co-creators Dear Ones and we applaud you and will be celebrating with you during this time and the many times that are just before us all.

It is with great Love and Respect we acknowledge each of you and what it is you bring to this transition. Know that this is just the beginning, what lies before you is wonderfully exciting and transforming for each being. And we get to hold your hands as you take each new step.

Make them incredible steps Dear Ones.


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