Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Dear Ones,

So many upgrades to your human biology during these energetic changes. We ask only one thing of you during all this transformation - remain “heart-open.” Be the Love-that-you-are so as to assist not only yourselves but your fellow beings on this journey.

So much is transitioning within and around you, much confusion upon the Earth Plane. Energies are rampant with this alignment and that alignment and your bodies are adjusting to it all and yet there are two things that will assist all that is happening - breathe and open your hearts.

All is in perfect order - so relax - breathe - you are perfectly aligned with All That Is - fear is leaving your bodies and your Earth - NEVER to return again. Are you feeling more settled after every “outburst?” We tell you when you have an outburst of energy, it is released, some of what you are releasing as been within your fields for not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes, do you not wonder sometime where the anger, rage, tears, frustration comes from? Sometimes it appears there is no reason for what is happening it just happens, there is a release and then you move on almost as if “nothing happened” and afterwards you can hardly remember what it was all about. Sound familiar?

Remember Dear Ones when we spoke of these days, eons ago the excitement it generated within you? Remember us telling you there would be much fear and angst from your limited perspective as you would go through these changes. It did not dissuade you from stepping forth and wanting to get to the front of the line. Remember those feelings Dear Ones, for they shall flood into your awareness in the next few days, weeks, months.

Remember the JOY you felt towards what you wanted to accomplish during this lifetime on Planet Earth. Those memories and feelings will become apart of your awareness again. You are beginning to get glimpses “bleed” into your awareness each time we speak of this. It will happen more frequently.

So to reiterate - the breath is the most important tool you have - use it more consciously - practise - breathing and allowing.

Secondly, finding your JOY, your passion, your alignment with these new energies for it is at this time, the time agreed upon, that you would fulfill your agreement.

Above all allow those beautiful hearts of yours to expand to the level that you allow your true-being to be revealed.
Do you feel the fluttering and the expansion within your higher hearts, the Thymus - can you feel the pressure build? You KNOW you are experiencing physical changes within your hearts so know that by breathing into these changes and picturing your hearts opening and flowing with the LOVE/LIGHT of Creation your JOY and passion will be revealed to you.

Now Dear Ones are those memories flooding back, are you beginning to have a glimpse of your original commitment to be of service to yourselves firstly and then to be of service to all humanity?

Extraordinary times Dear Ones, all is about to expand before your very eyes. Breathe, be in JOY, Be of service.

And it is.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Angel Therapy Practitioner

Leslie-Anne Menzies
Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
Ph 08 8371 5511, 0407 715 177
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