Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Archangel Michael 5th August 2013


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Such amazing times you are experiencing - however, all are experiencing it differently - depending on the amount of Light you are choosing to allow into your bodies. Take time to bring this beautiful Light of Creation in through each cell of your body and as you do, you will notice how much of the “old you” is released - NEVER to return again.

So much cleansing and clearing and we hear your prayers, your pleas, we are here Dear Ones right beside you every step of the way - know that in all that you are, and all that you do, we are there. At this time of huge transformation we agreed to stand close to you and offer as much guidance and wisdom as you will allow into your energetic fields. If you call on us, we are there with no delay - instant assistance - as you begin to this fact you will call on us more often. That is the plan Dear Ones - great assistance awaits you, instantly.

Remember you are now manifesting instantaneously, so keep your thoughts and words of the highest vibration, only bringing into your fields that which you truly want and that which will serve your highest good, and the highest good of all. Remembering YOU ARE ONE WITH ALL THAT IS. 

Words or the vibration of the words are calling in the energies so much faster and cleaner than ever before, that is why we ask you to use higher vibrational words in all your dealings. As your use of the high vibration vocabulary heightens so will the energetics within your fields - hence amazing manifestations and the magic and miracles that you have always dreamed of will become a part of your every day experience.

So Dear Ones what is it you wish to manifest on this wonderful Planet of yours?  What is your highest ideal for yourselves and those who share this space with you? We hear you state that Peace on Earth is of the highest priority at this time and we say to you Dear Ones, Peace always starts with YOU. As you find peace within your own being only then can you offer peace to another - it all starts with YOU. Are you ready to hold that amount of energy within your fields? Peace means that you have to love, care, nurture, respect yourself first. Are you doing that Dear Ones - do you still offer yourself words of criticism, dis-respect, abuse??? If you are still holding those thoughts within your own vibration how can you possibly expect anything less than what you are seeing pictured in your reality at this time.

So again we ask Dear Ones what are you doing for YOU? 

How are you changing your thoughts, your actions, your words? What are you giving to YOU? Please take a moment to think on these questions because within these words lie the answer to ALL that you wish to see reflected in your world. You are the mirror Dear Ones, what are you reflecting? Please allow us to reassure you that you are entering the most magnificent time on the Planet and you are the builders/architects of this new Earth. It is being built on the words and vibration you are offering.

Please, next time you have a conversation make it a “conscious conversation” not the same old words you have offered before. When you hear what comes from your mouth please take time, and even interrupt yourself, if you hear an old familiar sentence that no longer serves the “Being your are becoming.” Stop in
mid sentence and correct yourself - explain to whom ever you are having the conversation . . . Oh that is how I used to think/feel . . . but that is not the TRUTH for me anymore. That alone will start another higher dimensional conversation . . . it is a teaching/learning experience for who ever is involved in the conversation. They may then also “choose” their response from a different set of words.
How wonderful will your conversations be when you are all speaking from your Heart - with love and appreciation for each other. Then Dear Ones will you see the PEACE you are craving.

It starts with YOU, it starts with your words, your vibration. Offer the best of who you are and watch how you then bring out the best in those you enter into these amazing conversations with.

Everyone will walk away, refreshed, renewed and then see how quickly things change within and around Dear Ones. We paint the picture of what is out in front of you on this incredible journey. You are seeing more clearly each and every day that if it is to be then it is truly up to you.

We are with you always as we have stated, you are acknowledging our presence more each day. As the blinders come off you see us, you feel us, we experience what it is you are all going through to make the changes necessary and we are so completely thrilled at what we see transpiring knowing what is just before each and everyone of you.

It is time Dear Ones, never a time like NOW. It is our great honour and privilege to love and support you on this journey. Our smiles can hardly be contained as we watch and see the LOVE THAT YOU ARE being played out in every interaction you have.

Dear Ones it is with great love we share these words with you so you will in turn share the words and the love with others.

Blessings Dear Ones,                                            

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