Monday, September 16, 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 16th Sept. 2013 Leslie-Anne Menzies

MONDAY MESSAGE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 16th Sept. 2013       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Changes, Changes everywhere - this is the time of changes manifesting instantly. Do you feel like your heads are spinning? They are, and in more ways than one. The Spin of your Earth, your body - all connected - is picking up and you feel like you are in a “Spin Cycle” which is a wonderful way to acknowledge what is happening. Time is moving faster and faster - days are rolling into each other - weeks are disappearing as if they were days.

For some of you, you feel dazed, confused, rung out - all part of the game that is ending. Dear Ones, you have played it so well. So many of you have chosed just to ride each wave as it comes, without too much invested in the future waves. One day, one moment at a time is the only way to ride these waves of energy Dear Ones. Do not think or worry about tomorrow, next week, next month just focus on “Be-ing the best you can BE this day.” In this day all is well for you, allow what needs to flow through you flow and then allow it to move out of your body without the need to judge or discern what just happened.

Dear Ones, you have a choice in every moment, every decisions, every wave of energy that comes through you and I remind you “let it go.” If you make a conscious choice to allow it to just flow through you, observe that it is leaving and then let it go without the old re-action life will flow so much easier for you. I guarantee as you make this choice to “let-go” if I was to ask you tomorrow or next week what was that “major drama” you will not even be able to recall it - that says it all Dear Ones.

Many of you are learning these tools through your many experiences and you are allowing more Ease and Flow into your lives as more take hold of the tools, life will evolve much smoother than previously.

Do not beat yourselves up as you transition through these changes for some of you have spent 40, 50, 60+ years living this way and dealing with situations in the old way of relating. You are now clearly seeing the way you once related and handled conflict no longer works for you, or society. Changes are everywhere!

We in the Angelic Kingdom are astonished at the changes you as a collective bring forth. The major conflict that erupted recently on your Earth would in the old paradigm ended in  disaster and loss of life. You as a Collective Consciousness now only see and reflect Peace on Earth and Prosperity for all. That is reflected back to us in so many of your actions and we are proud to support the efforts of humanity as we all work towards bringing Heaven to Earth.

Changes, Changes, Changes so many more to come. Such a magnificent time to be on Planet Earth and you were the ones who said “Send Me, I can do this” I can create a Planet where all live in Peace, Love and Unity.

So much is just before you Dear Ones and you are the ones who are bringing it ALL into manifestation - Amazing Creators you are indeed.

Blessings Dear Ones as we walk each day in LOVE AND LIGHT together as equals on Planet Earth.


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