Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Message Archangel Michael 30th September 2013 Leslie-Anne Menzies Dear Ones, Many of you are feeling these energies as expanded - some of the expansion relates to the old fears, lack, limitation all old 3rd Dimensional habits you have held. But I tell you Dear Ones so much more Light is coming onto the Planet for all the expansion to be flowing in ease, grace and abundance. So I ask you to once more “let go” of all that no longer serves you. Ask yourselves how does it feel when I hold thoughts of lack/fear/limitation? It is an old habit and habits can be changed. Time for that change is NOW. Think a new thought, create a new reality - just by changing your thoughts everything changes. You are now creating every day - how do you want your day to be? I remind you to see the Light that you are, know that you have the ability to overcome all those old fears and beliefs and step into the very new realms that you have created through your willingness to be on Planet Earth at this magical time of change. Change is not always easy but with all that is being made available to you from the higher realms, more Love and more Light, greater assistance is at your Command. And I remind you Dear Ones you can as Creator Beings, Command abilities to assist you at this time of rapid transformation. What is it you Command Dear Ones? “Ask and ye shall receive” has always been a mantra and now more than ever it is your Command. Remember who you are Dear Ones, Remember why you came at this time. Now is the time to stand tall, take your power back, allow others to do the same and as you stand together united in your belief and your Love for all humanity, watch as the changes you desire and command come forth. The Love, Light quotient is being expanded daily - the Light that You Are shines brightly for all to see. Shine that Light so that all will join you. Then we can move forward towards all you have ever dreamed of becoming reality on Planet Earth. Keep your Light bright Dear Ones so those still in the darkness can find their way. I AM Archangel Michael

MONDAY MESSAGE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 23rd Sept. 2013    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

At last can you feel the shift in the energies since the recent equinox - are you feeling lighter, brighter more hopeful of the magnificent future that is before you? These last nine months - since the December 21/22 energies that collapsed the old 3D world - have been 
a very difficult “labour” indeed. You needed that time, the extra breathing space but for many that breathing was very tight and restricted. Breathe easier now Dear Ones, breathe, let go, breathe, let go. Can you feel the difference that makes to your beautiful bodies. Let go of the resrictions, let go of the fears you have held so very preciously to you.

Much has transitioned and a part of your being knows that, but so much more has occurred that you are not fully conscious of yet. That information will now flow more freely through your conscious awareness because you are ready to receive and know what is before you.

I have said many times Magic and Miracles and what you are about to behold is just that. You are feeling the anticipation, you are feeling more of the LOVE aspect as the old fears are slowly subsiding. With each new day, in this new vibration, your fears will lessen and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE will blossom more fully.

We in the Angelic Realms have held your hands and wiped away your tears during these last days of this transition. What is before you is the fully Conscious Galactic Being you are becoming. With that comes responsibility of the choices you make in each and every moment of your day.

Being fully Conscious you will see your brother’s and sister’s for who they are - aspects of you - therefore the divisions that once seperated you will no longer be there and when you look into the eyes of another you will be looking into your own soul - how incredible that will feel and how different your relationships will be. This is what you have worked for, this is what you have known to be possible but didn’t feel you had the tools to impliment these changes before now but Dear Ones you do and you will.

Imagine your Planet when this way of relating becomes the norm - can you begin to see the implications for Peace and Harmony?

No more wars, no more fighting - Peace and Unity in all interactions - this is your dream and it is about to unfold.

As the Peace and Harmony is restored - relationships will be uplifted to their full potential. Abundance will flow in all areas of your life. You have worked diligently for this transformation Dear Ones, you are the Masters and Architects of this New Earth.

You are leading the way for the many to follow. Step forward Dear Ones for you know what is outlined you will create - you are Creator Beings and your time is NOW.

Be the Masters you came to be Beloveds.

I AM Archangel Michael

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