Monday, October 14, 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                    Leslie-Anne Menzies
14th October 2013                                               

Dear Ones,

Look around, can you see all the changes that are taking place because of each of YOU.
You have called this into being - it is through your thoughts, your actions, your deeds. We in the Realms of Illuminated Light are delighted with what we are witnessing. We have assured you many times that we are assisting you, BUT we wish to remind you - you are the Creator Beings, you are embodied, you are the Creation that is taking place on your Planet. How wonderful is that?

So much more Light is being streamed onto the Planet for you to use in your incredible bodies. As you take in more Light, using the many tools we have provided, you will notice the changes happening more rapidly. For Ascension is about Light . . . and you are the Light of Creation, something many of you “get” now and are using this Light more efficiently, more consciously, and so much for often.

In a recent communication I mentioned the Light that you now use is so much more intensified and refined so when you send Light or the Love vibration it is also much more rarified and you are giving the receiver such a wonderful, de-light-full gift. The next time you offer a fellow being “Light and Love” know it is coming from such a magical place of healing and beauty and will be received into their awareness in such a completely different way than in past times.

Therefore, I suggest you offer each other this Gift on a more regular basis to assist even further the Ascension Process.

We watch in delight as we see your Sacred Hearts expanding with this Love/Light energy and because of this, you are seeing situations unfolding on your Planet, that were once common place, now no longer being tolerated and many beings are standing up for the rights of those who have been downtrodden by society. Sometimes those now standing up were once the aggressors - change Dear Ones - it is beautiful to witness.

Oh how joyous it is for us to see what is unfolding on your Planet. We are delighted to witness the amount of Light that is pouring from your Heart Chakras out to your fellow beings. You are beginning to feel the Unity Consciousness and it is truly wonderful to observe.

Separation is a thing of the past - shine your Light brighter for those who have not yet seen it. It is because of YOU they will be drawn into the illumination, and when they do, there hearts will open also and their Light will increase and ONENESS will return to all.

You are doing a magnificent job of shining your Light, and your Love and bringing all into the Illumination of Unity.

We are delighted with all that you do and remind you so much is before you. You are Creators of Heaven on Earth - the Light will once again triumph. Keep shining, Keep loving.

Love and Light Dear Ones, I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

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