Monday, October 28, 2013

28th Oct. 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE - ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 28th October, 2013  Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

What a wonderful day we celebrated yesterday (27th Oct. Workshop) so much healing, activation, so much LOVE shared.

Today is a new day, a time to take that information forward and to share with those now coming into your awareness.

You are ALL in an accelerated time, so much is speeding up to come into alignment with all that is just before you.

We shared with you many of the changes that are about to take place and your excitement and awareness was expanded and rightfully so.

Be the LOVE that you came to be - be all that you are - nothing needs to be added, you are all perfect in this moment. You are all ready for what is unfolding and you feel the momentum gathering to the end of 2013 which has been more than a challenging year for most on your Planet.

You are now ready for the next stage of this journey Home. The journey into full consciousness with all that offers. 

One with all that is - that is what you are. You are about to be revealed in all your TRUTH and LOVE and what a magical “un-veil-ling” that will be.

No more secrets, Dear Ones. All there for each of you to experience. Experience has been the name of the Game and AH what a Grand Experience you have all shared.

The new Experience in the next phase of your journey is just beginning and we in the Realms of Light are extremely excited to watch as you unwrap your new “gifts” which are being awakened within you. As you RE-MEMBER who you truly are, we will be holding hands with you as the wrapping comes off.

What an appropriate time of the year to “reveal your gifts.”  It is with great excitement we watch the un-folding of these next magical days and weeks.

We are holding you in the Light and flowing Divine love to each of you as you can now focus your intention on the magic that is coming to you.

Time to leave behind your old ways of thinking and relating. Now is the time for your dreams of a magnificent new future.

Re-member Dear Ones you are Creator Beings - you have been gifted with new tools, new awareness to create that which you desire.

Create with Love and Light Dear Ones and watch what unfolds right before your eyes.

Magic awaits Dear Ones


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