Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Archangel Michael November 18th 2013

Monday Message Archangel Michael                                         18th November 2013

Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The excitement that is building is reverberating around the Planet. You have waited lifetime after lifetime for what is about to occur.

The Beings of Light in all Realms share your excitement for it allows us the opportunity to finally meet you as the Being of Light you are. You will at last take off the “masks” you have so gallantly worn for eons and reveal your true-self. How excited does that make you feel?

So many changes are just before you, and all humanity that we ask those who read these messages to be prepared as the Wayshower’s you are. For those still to awaken it will be sudden and you will be needed to gently guide those who call on you. And call on you they will! This is the role you have chosen. That is why this path has been long and arduous but it was the training ground for what is before you. You have prepared a path for those now awakening and yet they will not have to go through many of the trials you did. However, the rewards you receive for being the ones who lead the way are enormous. You get to hold the hands of the many beings who are wiping the sleep from their eyes and recovering from the denseness that has been endured by all humanity for eons.

There is much to be washed away, cleansed and healed. The Truth of who you are - so much is to be revealed to all humanity. You will be the shining Light those awakening will be drawn to.

The children will also step forward on this path for they have come to the Planet with no baggage just Pure Love and they will share that Love for all to see.They have so much wisdom and knowledge to impart you will be astounded at what they reveal.

You and the children have a tremendous job ahead of you and remember Dear Ones you chosen this path for when you would become “the Ones you have been waiting for - and here You Are!”

The Stage is set - the next part of your incredible journey is right before you.

Shine on Dear Ones it is your Time to Shine - And so it is.

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