Monday, November 25, 2013

MONDAY MESSAGE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies  25th  November 2013                                                           

Dear Ones,

The struggle you feel at this time is the last of your old 3D world of which you are holding on oh so tight. You are trying to make 3D fit into 5D and we tell you now - it can’t happen, it won’t happen and you wouldn’t want it to happen.

It is imperative you surrender all your old ways, they no longer serve you. Please let go, release all the old. Begin to imagine the new - how do you want your new life to look? There is nothing you can take with you from the old paradigm. As soon as you completely surrender you new world will start its evolution. As a humanity you have no structures yet to fully represent the new, and it is as if you are on a life boat throwing a lifeline out hoping it will connect and bring to you all you desire. Your lifelines are not connecting with anything solid for there is nothing to hang on to. It is time to construct your new world as you cut the last of the ropes holding you back. Freedom will be yours. You will soon feel the New Earth beneath your feet and you will gradually build your new structures. You can’t yet see the safe haven on the horizon for the seas are still choppy and the winds of change are blowing a gale.

Allow more time for integration, allow for the winds to cease, the waters to clam and picture the most amazing landscape in your sights. It is not until you finally let the old go. I suggest a “ceremony” of letting go of all the old ways, old habits, old beliefs etc this we shall do during our meditation this evening.

We are in the choppy seas, the strong winds and we are also in the calm waters and the new horizon - we are with you always.

We have told you many times this journey was not for the faint hearted - only the strong were called forth and here you stand.

That new horizon is just a few steps away and we excitedly await to greet you on the shore, just as we are in the wind in your back guiding you HOME.

Welcome Home Dear Ones, the arduous journey of your soul is about to make a massive leap - the Consciousness that you are is awaiting full enlightenment and you will be delighted that you held tight to your dreams and completed this journey, even though not knowing what truly will await you.

Brave travellers you are and now you continue your journey on safe soil - all you have dreamed of is before you.

What an adventure you are completing but what a miraculous one now lays ahead for
you all.

Welcome to safe shores, we stand in the Love and Light and each Being is connected forever - what beautiful Light we will shine on this New Earth.                    

Together as One, once more.                                                  Angel Therapy Practitioner
Blessings Dear Ones,I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL             Leslie-Anne Menzies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ph 08 8371 5511, 0408 083 185

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