Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Meditation 3rd March 2014

Monday Meditation 3rd March, 2014                                              Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

It is with great anticipation and expectation that I greet you this day. You have been told many times that YOU are making a shift and YOU are making a change. We in the higher realms are able to watch, observe and note all the changes that are taking place on a personal and planetary scope.

So many changes have taken place which allow us to move ever closer to each of you. As you say the veil is thinning more and more each day. If you reach out, you will feel that we are closer to you than ever before. We ask that you call on us as you  move through these amazing times. Much is now within your grasp. However, you do not have to grasp - just rest Dear Ones and allow - so much is happening within the “allowing.” Humanity is finally understanding that you are the Keepers of the Light, a role you chose on this incarnation and as you become more Light and bring more Light - that Light is also filling you with love, wisdom and understanding. One of the greatest breakthroughs you are having is allowing the Light to radiate through your beautiful bodies and as you take in more Light you become more loving of yourselves and then radiate that LOVE further afield to affect all those with whom you come into contact.

The LOVE that YOU ARE is becoming so much more noticeable and you are FEELING that LOVE as it permeates the Earth and all humankind. Even though much still has to change on Planet Earth because of the LIGHT/LOVE Quotient you have collectively brought forward. The Earth and all her inhabitants are moved by what is happening. You are witnessing so much more acts of kindness in an around you. You are noticing the animals who are leading the way in showing what can happen when you “allow” and just be. The Lion is laying down with the Lamb” in complete peace and harmony. The Animal/Mineral Kingdom are blossoming. Many new “Crystals” have returned to Earth to enlighten and enliven the changes. Many of these beautiful stones have been hidden away until the perfect time for their return to Planet Earth. Many of you were the keepers and caretakers of these stones in the Atlantean time and yes that “ah-ha” you felt upon reading or hearing these words indicate you were one of those entrusted with these beautiful Light Beings.

The Crystals and the Grids of the Earth are being re-activated on a regular basis just as the Light Quotient is upgrading in your bodies so is it upgraded in the Earth with each new raise of vibration or Planetary upgrade.

All on the Planet are vibrating at such a higher rate and as this continues the growth and the amount of information that is being returned to you the Custodians of the Love/Light whose energetic signature was signed the day you came to Planet Earth, for this transition and this emergence of the New Earth.

Dear Ones as always we are delighted and excited at the amount of growth that happens on a daily basis. So many more “awakened souls” wipe the sleep from their eyes each day. We have said many times - this is the most exciting time to be on Planet Earth as each of you rises from your long slumber, stretches out and say - “what can I do, how can I serve?” You serve well Dear Ones and we walk this new path with you each day as you create that which has never been before.
It is a new Earth you walk upon and with each new day you are feeling that, and owning the role you chose at this time. We can see the level of Love/Light and the vibration that it is holding.

We see that you are not only loving each other, more each day but the greatest gift you brought to planet earth - the one that you have hidden for eons of time is the gift of “LOVE OF THE SELF” It was known in the higher realms that when you unwrapped this gift that would be when the greatest shift would happen on Earth.

We ask that you daily embrace this “new” gift of loving yourself in every sense of that vibration - you are the Love/Light, you are the ones who said you would step forward at this time and unwrap that most magnificent gift that you have hidden so well.

Dear Ones, Love Yourselves first - feel what that feels like, to give the ultimate LOVE to you and when you are basking and bathing in that LOVE all you will ever want to do from that day forward will be to share that LOVE with all who come within your Radiance and then Dear Ones watch the Magic and Miracles become an everyday event.

When you realise how simple this is, you will never want to be anything BUT LOVE.


I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (the Bringer of the Light)



                                                                                         Angel Therapy Practitioner
                                                                                                          Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                       Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                       Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                       Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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