Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday 10th March 2014

10th March, 2014  AAMichael Meditation                                   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

It is with Great Joy and Love I greet you this day. You are feeling more of the Joy, this Divine Love as it washes over Planet Earth. Not to say you are not feeling the feelings of the Energetic Shift that unfolds on your Planet daily but you have “noticed” that you are adjusting to, and allowing more to move through you, or pass by you. In times past, you may have grabbed hold of thoughts and emotions - not always your own. These energetic systems and of course the negative emotions would then be added to what ever you had in your field. You are becoming more discerning, more Light filled and now you “look before you leap” into someone field of someone else. Well Done Dear Ones, you are learning to take responsibility for your own unique energetic patterns. Does that not feel better?

The Love that You Are is radiating out into the field of energy surrounding not only yourself but it is then extended out into the Quantum field like never before. More Love, More Light is being “picked up” by the Collective and then as you are aware, it grows and expands exponentially.

Well Done Dear Light Masters, Light Servers your Mastery is becoming more obvious to us and it de”lights” us to see the Radiance that is permeating Planet Earth each new day, bringing a higher Octave of Light each time and we watch in awe as this transition unfolds.

You are doing so much more that you are presently even aware. For some you feel it in your bodies the many changes that are taking place and for others it is as natural as “breathing.”

Combined you are making up an Energetic Field that is radiating such Love, such Light that even the darkness can no longer sustain itself. More of the darkness is giving way to the Light. You can see this played out in your world on a moment to moment basis.

Imagine when more souls awaken to what is truly happening on Planet Earth and consciously join with you to bring the Peace to Earth that the Collective wish to occur. Each day is a new chance for you to change your world. Before you go to sleep and upon waking, make it your intention to see more peace, more harmony, more love radiate out firstly from you and then send that vibration out to all who share this time and space with you and watch how what you desire becomes reality quicker than you can imagine.

Miracles are abounding on Planet Earth each day Dear Ones - watch as evidence of this becomes clearer each new day.

You are loved beyond measure Dear Souls and it is with great Love and Respect for the Divinity within that we hold hands as we all walk together to the finish live to create Heaven on Earth for all beings to shine as all live in Peace, Love and Oneness.
And so it is, Love and Blessings Dear Ones.                      
I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-Bringer of the Light          

Leslie-Anne Menzies
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