Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday 26th May 2014

Monday Message Archangel Michael                                         Leslie-Anne Menzies                                      
26th May, 2014                                                       

Dear Ones,

The energies are once again leaving you feeling tired and in some instances, exhausted.  Dear Ones, please remember that you are accomplishing so much, on levels you have no awareness of YET.  Rest, take care of your beautiful bodies, drink plenty of water, infused with your good thoughts and healing words. Water reacts as you know to the vibration you send forth. Everything is vibration.

You are progressing along the Evolutionary track and all is in perfect time and order, although most wish it could be hurried along. All is in perfect time - you are perfect just as you are. Please do not berate yourselves for whatever you see as your “short-comings.” These so called “short-comings” are the very things that are assisting you to make the necessary changes toward your Evolutionary process.

Acknowledge your part in this Game of Life, know that you are loved by all of Creation just for choosing to be here at this time to achieve all that you are.

I have informed you on several occasions how close the Angelic Realms are to you. We draw closer and closer with each new day. Everyday look for signs from us, they are all around.  Watch for the Miracles that are unfolding within and around your World.

We made a promise - NO more wars. Have you noticed the situations on Planet Earth that would have, in the past, been all that was needed by those in power to convince you that a war would be required to help bring the situation under control. When did war ever solve any situation or conflict in your old 3rd Dimensional world?

There is only one resolution for resolving any conflict - be it a family disagreement or a country in turmoil. LOVE is the only remedy for all that troubles each of you.

I remind you to look towards the animal kingdom which is leading the way and showing humanity how it is done. The Lion and the Lamb laying together - never seen before. You are seeing many images on your internet of animals who are “natural enemies” befriending and loving each other unconditionally.

Take your lead from the Animal Kingdom show LOVE. 

Next time there is a disagreement you are involved in - when the anger rises in you for whatever reason - take your time to allow it to come up, do not re-act - allow it to leave your body - do not engage a reaction - use your breath and just allow. Now turn your attention to how you can see this situation another way? How can I turn this anger into a loving response? Initially you will be awkward and unsure but as with all new “habits” it takes time to feel comfortable.

What I AM asking you to do Dear Ones is FEEL, feel the feeling of making the change from Anger to LOVE. Practice, start with small instances in your life - someone cuts you off when you are driving in your car - how did you react in the old energy?

Now I would like to remind you of something I alluded to earlier in this message - we are closer to you than you can imagine. What if that person who cut you off was ME - Archangel Michael? How would you re-act knowing that?  Everyone is a Sacred Being, every Being is perfectly, imperfect as you all agreed to be to play this game. I ask you Dear Ones - next time you find yourself confronted by something that would normally make you re-act STOP, take a deep breath and ask yourself - what if that was Archangel Michael? How would I re-act? You are always in the presence of Divine Beings for that is who you truly are, each and everyone of you.

Choose LOVE always Dear Ones, Choose and BE LOVE.

When more on your Planet make these simple changes watch how fast all that you wish to see for yourselves and your loved ones manifest before your very eyes. It starts with YOU.

This is why you were called forth. You said “send me” now is your time to shine Dear Ones, to show humanity why YOU stepped forward.




                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner

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