Monday, October 12, 2015

12th October, 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE                                                                           12th October 2015        
Archangel Michael                                                                          Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing the energies of this NOW moment? Are you feeling the well-being, the relief, the acceptance? Can you feel that all is moving in perfect alignment and even though you may not yet see how it is all unfolding, youTRUST that all is, as it needs be.

You have entered a time in your Evolution where your feelings are leading and guiding you to better outcomes than your past endeavours. And even though the outer world looks as though not much has changed, we assure you so much has.

Try not to focus on what is being projected to you via the old world, for it is collapsing faster than is being portrayed. Those still dealing in fear and mayhem want you to believe, all is, as it always has been. But deep in your hearts you know, this is not so. The hearts of humanity are awakening each day and each new day your ranks swell with those who have begun to awaken to this New Earth that you have been quietly creating behind the scenes.

Now the tide is rising and there is no holding it, or you, back. You now all speak your TRUTH with conviction and with nothing to hide. You cannot stop the flow, it is edging you forward every day and as you move forward more and more are joining you until this ground swell must be heard. Look at the numbers that now gather in areas of injustice all over your Planet. Never before has this happened and it will continue to grow as the changes continue to gather momentum.

You are now all beginning to feel and understand this is what you have chosen to be here for. You can no longer remain small and unheard. You are raising your voices as ONE.  This is what you all agreed to before incarnating. You are beginning to feel the ONENESS each day and you are looking into the eyes and hearts of each other knowing you can no longer condone what happens to your sisters and brothers. You know that feeling of what happens to them, happens to you. And you will no longer stand by and allow the injustices, that you once closed your eyes to, to continue.

Your sense of pride and heart opening joy comes when you witness people standing up for what no longer will be accepted or tolerated on your Planet. This is a joy for us to behold.

As these new energies enliven your Planet on a daily basis and more Light and Love permeates your hearts and minds,TRUST that you are moving towards the most incredible time that you can ever imagine on your Planet. REMEMBER that this is a time you asked to experience and many stood aside so you could be the ONES to bring this plan to fruition, and here you are.

You are the ONES creating this NEW EARTH and you are doing it with your hearts open wide. Look to the skies, watch the clouds, the Sun and all Creation are co-operating to bring this Earth into this magnificent new alignment with the ALL THAT IS.

You are the greatest Creators to ever walk this Earth.

We are delighted to share this experience and watch as you put your Creative hats on and bring about this Evolution of Humanity in the grandest of styles.

As always we are with you every new step you take and it is desirous that you call upon us.

Well done Dear ONES,



                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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