Monday, April 27, 2015

MONDAY 20th April, 2015                                   ARCHANGEL MICHAEL MESSAGE

Dear Ones,

Greetings and Love are sent to you always but this day feels significantly incredible. We can tell that you are experiencing our LOVE and our presence more each new day.

You are re-membering our connection - you are re-membering the LOVE that you have felt in your hearts as a LOVE so different than experienced in these last number of years on your Planet.

Indeed Dear Ones, all of your experiences are beginning to feel different - there is a new energy on Planet Earth and you are becoming aware of it. It is not completely anchored into your beingness but almost.

Each new day you take on more LIGHT and LOVE, it is being radiated out from you and those coming into contact with you do not understand as yet “what is different about you.” Keep radiating the LOVE that YOU ARE, so more will be influenced by your energies and wish to bask in that Light as well. It is intoxicating Dear Ones and you will find more souls drawn into your field just to drink from those energies, and by osmosis ALL WILL CHANGE.

There is nothing for you to do to increase this LOVE/LIGHT just be who you came to be. Recognise that LOVE is the only way forward. Forgiveness too is paramount at this junction. Allow forgiveness to be top of mind and top of heart. This one step alone will make the transitions on your Planet unfold more rapidly.

You are Creator Beings and each of these simple steps you take to allow - LOVE/LIGHT and forgiveness into all your interactions will speed up the process exponentially.

We acknowledge your prayers for the changes to be accelerated, these steps will make that happen more rapidly. Re-member Dear Ones only those embodied can make these changes - we can assist but cannot interfere in your Free Will.

The Light each of you is radiating is now so exhilarating to watch that we in the Realms of Illuminated Light are in awe of what is unfolding.

We remind you we are standing beside you, holding hands and hearts as we watch what unfolds on the New Earth. Call on us always when stumbling blocks appear on your path. Know these stumbling blocks are indeed building blocks once Mastered. And Dear Ones, you are the Masters of the New Earth and we are delighted to assist in any way possible.

This is a new game, a New Earth and you are becoming re-newed. Do you feel that?

It is our greatest pleasure to assist in your Mastery Dear Ones.

Love and Blessings


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