Monday, April 13, 2015


Dear Ones,

REMEMBER - “YOU are the LIGHT and the LIGHT is YOU”  -  All is connected. Congratulations, every day you are facilitating more Light Quotient on Planet Earth. By Agreement, you have taken up the challenge to Raise the Vibration of Planet Earth from the density it had fallen to, to bring it back to a Planet of LIGHT once more.

Everyday you take on a new gradient of Light - you feel this in every Cell of your body. The exhaustion/tiredness, the aches/pains and the digestive issues which are becoming more widely noticed. As more Light comes into your dense carbon bodies it is changing and upgrading every cell, every atom to a Cellular Lightbody. One of the changes many of you are now noticing is your inability to eat heavy/dense food. Your new cellular body will not tolerate the “old ways of eating.” You are now required to - eat in the light. It will continue to become more obvious and uncomfortable for you to maintain old lifetime habits regarding food. As you make these changes, slowly at first, you will notice an increase in energy amongst other great changes. You Cells will bless you, each step you take. We ask that you do not berate yourselves for these old habits they were completely necessary as you maintained a dense body. However, your Lightbody is now developing more rapidly.

Your Planet has just been through a “Re-Set.” It is as if a new button was pushed and the old left behind. All old patterns/habits are clearing from your bodies. You may have even noticed ailments you held in the past have also lifted from your being. You know this to be true - every cell is calling for you to clean and clear all the old thoughts, programs, habits from your memories. 

Take your time, ask for our assistance, remembering that the Veil has thinned and we are indeed ever closer. As your support team, we are greatly excited by the progress we see happening. For some, it still feels like not much has transpired BUT from our perspective it is incredible and expanding each day.

As you wake to a new day it is another opportunity to Shine your Light brighter - IMAGINE what that looks like from our vantage point?

The ‘LIGHT” of YOU is making a difference daily and it is to be Celebrated. For most of you, this has been a long time coming but we assure you much is transpiring behind the scenes and when the floodgates of the Light overflows, what a magnificient sight you will behold.

Wonderous, Magical days. In-Joy each new day knowing you are closer to seeing the New Earth in all her glory unfold before your eyes and knowing in your Hearts that YOU are the Architects of this unfoldment.

The love we feel for you and the love we send to you is just a small portion of the LOVE YOU ARE. Dear Ones, keep radiating your Love to all - most importantly to yourselves.

Love starts with YOU, flows out expotentially surrounding All That Is and allows ALL to be bathed in LOVE. Now watch as the New Earth turns into an amazing ball of LIGHT and LOVE. You are the new HU-Mans of Planet Earth in so many ways.

This is why YOU came.

Blessings Dear Ones,


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