Monday, April 27, 2015


Dear Ones,

Change is everywhere you look now. The changes you agreed to support on this Planet are now occurring more rapidly. No one can deny these changes. This is what you came for. Such exciting times Dear Ones. However,  as you watch destruction and the loss of life, you feel the pain and suffering of those Dear Souls who have gone before you - honour them for their role in what is unfolding. As you witness the destruction before your eyes some still fear the changes but what is unfolding is in total alignment with the agreement of all those who stepped into this incarnation of time. These Souls are the brave warriors of change. 

You stand at the ready, hearts open wide, able to assist those still preparing to awaken, and awaken they are, much faster now than at any other time. The quickening is upon all. You are beginning to feel the level of excitement stir within your cells as your memories return to this important moment in your history.

Change will continue for some years of your time. However, more will embrace these changes and welcome it as it heralds a time you have all longed for. You are currently watching Mother Earth as she goes through violent changes upon and within her surface, all completely needed to finally purge herself of what can no longer be tolerated. Do you see the metaphor for your own Dear Selves? You are also purging what you can no longer tolerate - that which you have kept for so long within your Be-ing is now being purged, allowing you to lighted up your bodies and cells in preparedness for what lies before each and everyone of you. All is being cleansed - all is being renewed. All is in readiness for the most magnificent changes for all Be-ings on the Planet and Planet Earth herself.

Yes a New Earth is being prepared just as each Soul upon her is being prepared.

Can you imagine what your future looks like? Through your imagining you are creating this new Earth and the New Beings who will inhabit here.

Lighten your load Dear Ones, allow forgiveness, tolerance, harmony and peace to live in your everyday awareness and actions. With each new day you can create anew - keep your thoughts of a high vibration. Work with your I AM PRESENCE, remembering what you state after I AM, becomes your reality. Pay close attention to your words, only offering those that uplift, support, and nurture yourselves and each other. Open your beautiful hearts when greeting another. Look into each other’s eyes and acknowledge the Souls with whom you are sharing this time and space. Make each encounter a HOLY one. Allow each breath you take to renew you and all those you chose to stand beside at this time.

Look at each other with newly awakened eyes, you and they are ONE - comprehend this message and you will truly be on a fast track to finally seeing the World through the eyes of ONENESS - no more separation Dear Ones, - ALL ONE, what magic lies before you and your new Earth.

You are the ones creating every day, you can create this Miracle sooner than you realise - see those who stand with you as brothers and sisters united, NO more division, no more separation.

The LAW OF ONE, a Universal Law is alive and flowing in this vibration Dear Ones and you are the Creators.

Embrace each change, YOU are the change - this is why you came. Honour each BE-ing, Love each other and create this circle of Wholeness.

As always Dear Ones, we stand with you shoulder to shoulder in awe of all you are accomplishing and the speed in which it is all now unfolding.

Change is YOU - Blessed be Dear Ones.


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