Monday, June 22, 2015

22nd June, 2015 Archangel Michael

Monday Message Archangel Michael          -       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

As you bask in the magnificent energies of the Solstice feel the balance you are creating on Planet Earth as you align the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies. Ahhh breathe those energetics into you and feel the magic and the fluidity. 

This is part of your Mastery to return these energies to the Planet and as you embrace and accept the energies within your beautiful beings you are then in alignment with the whole of humanity, assisting all on the Planet to integrate and to bring into balance their own fields.

Dear Ones, for most of you, you are completely unaware of the effect you are having on the rest of humanity. You are the true way-showers. Many look to you. So many of your fellow beings are still stumbling in the dark and yet they see the “Light” that you shine and they are reaching out to you, to lead the way.

This is your path Dear Masters, to be the leaders. What you do on a daily basis impacts not only yourself but all that come into your radius. You may feel you are doing “not much” but from our perspective we see the Light you radiate out and we see the impact you are having on the rest of your fellow beings. Keep shining that light Dear Ones for every step you take allows those behind you to take several more. If you could but see, what we see ahh you would be basking in that Light and sharing it with everyone you touch. There is still fear and disbelief within your world and having lived for eons in the darkness and the shadows many of you still find it hard to step out, and step up, and let your Light shine.

You are the courageous ones, because of all you are integrating, transforming and aligning ,you know there is no way to turn back now, as if you would ever want to. What you are noticing within your fields is confirmation that this is truly the only way forward. There is a new excitement building within each of you as your memories are beginning to return and allow you to see the future you had only once dreamed. All is beginning to unfold on Planet Earth just as you have been told. And it will unfold much faster each new day. You are becoming more comfortable with all the changes knowing full well that each one leads to something even better, than the previous one. You are beginning to completely understand that even when there is devastation in an area upon your Planet that then leads to greater LOVE being radiated out to those involved. You connect your hearts and minds from all over the Planet allowing for such transformation. You can no longer deny those souls living half way across your world, do not matter to you. You see their faces and recognise them as your brothers and sisters and can no longer “separate yourselves.” 

The Oneness of all is becoming more evident each day and you are responding to the invitation to recognise each being as a part of yourselves. This is why you are able to stand up for what you will no longer tolerate on your Planet. You are ONE with all Be-ings including the Animals and the Elementals. You are crusaders for change and you recognize the calling you had to be here at this time. Your hearts sing when you reach out and make a connection with the other Be-ings co-creating on your Planet. You KNOW your time is now and you are ready to stand up and be counted amongst those who are leading the way. You also know that violence and aggression through war is not the way to alleviate conflict. Only by opening your hearts and your minds and by KNOWING you are ONE with ALL THAT IS, is how you will change this world. PEACE is why you came at this time it is your mandate and you will not rest until it is achieved.

That is why we love you so Dear Ones, we see what is within your hearts and minds and know that is what each of you requires to achieve in this lifetime on your Planet. You are making incredible in-roads, your voices are becoming louder and more united each day. Those who “think” they are running your countries and your world are becoming unnerved by you - they see you awakening, they see the revolution and the evolution of man kind and they are nervous. They know when each of you hold hands and join in UNITY nothing can stop you. You have the POWER, and that power is ONENESS. So reach out Dear Ones, hold another hand, then another, then another. When you connect in this way you will feel in your hearts, what needs to be done.

You came for this time Dear Ones, you resonate with each of these words and you KNOW what is required of you. Take the time to connect, to reach out embrace each other knowing that your TIME HAS COME.

It is time to out-picture how you wish your world to look in the future, that is what this Solstice energy is about - paint a picture of how you want humanity to be, how you wish to live in Peace and Harmony with all beings on your planet and then through the Creators that you are watch how Creation takes form. 

Dear Creators of Heaven on Earth we are also holding hands with you and look forward as your glorious creations become manifest.

And so it is


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