Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday 6th July, 2015

Monday 6th July 2015           ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 

Greetings Dear Ones,

Are you ready to shine your Light brighter than ever before? This is what is required of each of you now as the Collective Consciousness readies itself to open you up to your most magnificent selves. A time like no other, we have stated before but you are now beginning to get a glimpse of what we have been showing you. You are resonating more fully within your bodies these messages.

Your Soul Self that larger part of you has awakened and now aligning with more of your human body working in unison, bringing greater conscious awareness, more of the Love and the Light that you are into your physical Be-ing.

Time to step up and fully embrace your magnificence. Are you ready to do so?

That which is unfolding upon your Planet will increase ten fold in these next days and weeks. Each day as you arise, so much more will have transpired during your sleeping hours. You will come upon a time when you no longer wish to sleep as long, as in the past. The excitement of what each new day will bring will propel you to rise early in anticipation of what lies before you.

You have come for this time, the evolution of your humanity is now rapidly unfolding and you are feeling the momentum within your hearts. There is an excitement and anticipation and the feeling of “freedom” resonates with you.

What you seek is seeking you. Take time in your meditations and prayers to visualise that which you wish to see in your reality. Dear Creators that you are, it is now your time to shine the Light of your Be-ing onto all of humanity. Send your energy and love to the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and to the Elementals, all rising to assist you at this time. Are you aware of their connection and influence in your lives?  All by agreement. Everything is by agreement Dear Ones.

There is a Unity, a Harmony, a Dance within all of nature right now that is calling you all together as in past times. Listen to the music of the spheres, of all the realms, as this molding and melding takes place. Find your rhythm Dear Ones and join the Dance.

You are witnessing in your every day lives how Unity is becoming obvious in your interactions with those you share this time and space. Reach out and let the Love that YOU are impact on another Be-ing. Watch how just a small gesture can change a persons day and help them to awaken to what is happening on your beautiful Planet. Join hands with someone you would not normally interact with - knowing in your Heart YOU ARE ALL ONE. Really take that understanding into your consciousness, meditate on it and see what it is you can do to make a difference in one persons life. And we tell you Dear Ones it is addictive - the feeling that emanates from you heart will propel you to want to reach another and then another. IMAGINE when all humanity “gets this” the addiction will spread more rapidly than any other, and the side-effects will be glorious.

It is TIME to reclaim your Divinity Dear Ones, you know this, you feel this, and it is now time to take the Action required to make this a reality on your Planet. As always we are standing ready to support whatever actions you wish to implement. This is the Planet of Free Will and as always we cannot interfere in your choices BUT given permission, we will  be your greatest allies and staunch supporters. Together we make a formidable team and then watch how your excitement raises you up in Triumphant recognition of the Truth of who you ARE.

Let’s move forward together Dear Ones, we await your requests.


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