Monday, July 13, 2015

13th July, 2015

Monday July 13th, 2015             ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 

Dear Ones,

The greatest gift you can give each other during these turbulent times is the gift of your LOVE. This is a time like no other on your Planet. You are watching as everything is being broken down, to rise up again as the Glorious Resurrection you were promised.

All over your Planet there is so much destruction, war and pain as the darkness is in its final days of defeat. The Light is now ready to completely permeate your Planet and to clear out the final remnants of what was. What is before you, is so incredible, it is almost impossible for you to imagine, because many are still only focused on what is leaving. Let go of what was and embrace the Light of the New Earth.

So many of you are calling on our assistance and you are noticing that when you call we do answer and we give the same answer always. Focus on LOVE, focus on LIGHT, these two elements when used together sent to a person, a place or situation, can change the dynamics instantly. You are beginning to REMEMBER to implement these elements as you change the dark to LIGHT. All is in perfect alignment and timing and what you have come to Earth to do is being achieved one person at a time. 

As you move out of your old 3rd Dimensional reactions and beliefs you are noticing how you can move more effortlessly through situations. You are seeing from a larger vantage point and the view is much clearer. All that is old and outdated is leaving. You are witnessing that on a daily basis. Notice how the old monetary systems are collapsing around the world in readiness for the new. As you “allow” all that is no longer serving ALL OF HUMANITY to fall away knowing in your hearts when the new system is in place it will be for ALL. This is the World you have breathed into existence, this is why you came, you could no longer tolerate so many on your Planet suffering and eking out an existence whilst others thrived beyond belief. You new Earth is to be a place where there is equality for All.

This time of Evolution on your Planet has stretched you as Be-ings but Dear Ones do you not look at yourselves and see the growth happening daily? We do. How wondrous it is to co-create with the greatest of Beings who have ever walked on Planet Earth. You are indeed the architects of the New Earth and the plans you are bringing forward will amaze and delight each of you as you move through these next months and years. The Celebrations will continue each new day.

The next time you are confronted with a challenging situation we ask you to practice your new skills - before you re-act as you would in the old energy, take a moment, breathe, call on the LOVE THAT YOU ARE AND THE LIGHT THAT YOU CARRY, send this to the situation, and to all involved including YOU. Surround the situation and all those involved in a ball of LIGHT/LOVE hold this intention for as long as it takes to resonate within your heart space and feel how it feels. We guarantee you will feel so much better than - reacting with anger, jealousy, rage whatever was your first line of defense in your “old way of re-acting”. We also promise you, that the situation will dissipate quickly and effortlessly leaving you feeling amazing that you have a new way to BE. As this becomes your new way of Be-ing, Peace will come into your life. As you can promote Peace in your life, allow that to flow to another - this is how PEACE WILL COME TO YOUR PLANET - once again one person at a time. PEACE ON EARTH STARTS WITH “YOU.”

Everything is moving so quickly now and will continue to do so. We send you our Love and our Light to surround you as you walk through each day with a new found freedom that you are creating. 

Holding hands with each of you during this time of Resurrection and Ascension Dear Ones a most Glorious time indeed.



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